Charms for Good Luck in 2020

Two artists and designers have brought their “meraki” and some good luck to the MAZI Limited Edition 2020 Charm: CURARCHITECT silk scarves by Mia Papa with KAKURU Jewelry by Elina Kakourou

New Year traditions of luck in Greek culture are especially important. For thousands of years, these good luck charms have included pomegranates as a symbol of prosperity, onions for regeneration and health as well as the coin of vasilopita. Hidden inside a traditional vasilopita cake is a lucky coin. On New Year’s Eve, the person who receives the piece of cake with the coin is said to have good luck for the year.

In present day traditions, artists and jewellers create their own, unique good luck charms using meraki – a Greek word meaning to put something of yourself into your craft.

Meraki is defined by Urban Dictionary  as: “Doing something with soul, creativity, or love. When you put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing, whatever it may be.”

In the spirit of collaboration, Mia Papa and Elina Koukouras combine their exceptional talents. Together they’ve created the Mazi Limited Edition 2020 Charm Collection. Mazi, being the Greek word for together, perfectly describes this collection.

Mia Papa and Elina Kakourou at the Kakuru Gallery, Athens
Mia Papa and Elina Kakourou at the Kakuru Gallery, Athens

Athens-born, Austrian-based architect and artist, Mia Papa, designs scarf prints based on floor plans of monumental buildings and feminine power. Her silk scarves are hand-sewn in Greece, by local seamstresses, in a traditional manner.

“Nowadays, that everything is working on high speed and the demand grows, we took the bold decision to take a step back and offer to you something special; which takes time and effort to be produced.”

Inspired by the natural materials of southern Greece, Elina Kakourou originally began designing jewelry using olive wood and the Krokeatis Lithos stone originating in her home of Krokees. These green stones became somewhat of a signature color for Kakuru. She continues the Kakuru jewelry line in her central Athens jewelry gallery with her elegant and simple style.

Good luck comes from collaboration

As jewelry meets silk, so architecture is merging with art, for a common good cause.

MAZI (Together)

These words are printed on the Mazi special collection scarves and the silkscreen design uses the KAKURU gallery floor plans.

Mazi Limited Edition 2020 Scarf
Based on the floor plan of Kakuru, the Mazi Limited Edition 2020 Collection scarf from Mia Papa

For the jewelry, the necklaces and bracelets combine silk with a specially designed Kakuru charm.


Mazi Limited Edition 2020 Collection Charms at the Kakuru Jewelry Gallery, Athens
Mazi Limited Edition 2020 Collection Charms at the Kakuru Jewelry Gallery, Athens

“We designed the 2020 charm with a hope of coming together. To share and to connect, that’s our wish for the new year, as a calling for intimacy and affection. Let’s embrace coexistence, with love, without fear.”

Kakuru has elegant charms and Mia Papa has delicate scarves – all in celebration of the good fortune and positivity 2020 invites. Combining tradition with modern values, the Mazi Collection brings together beauty and magic, femininity and empowerment with a celebratory feeling.



Mazi Limited Edition 2020 Choker and Bracelet

Always with luxury, authenticity and sustainability in mind, these artists have created art as fashion. Now, in the spirit of starting the new year well, they have also created good luck.

The Mazi Limited Edition 2020 Collection is available online and in-store at Kakuru Jewelry 24 Petraki, Syntagma Athens, and at Mia Papa


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