Three Ways to Increase Your Sustainability Quotient

It goes without saying that we all want to do our best, not just to pass on a better world for future generations but to make it better for us all today. From the smallest actions to the biggest gestures, there are literally thousands of ways in which we can do achieve sustainability and every day on which we fail to do at least one of them should be regarded as a day wasted.

So here are three ways that you can make a positive change while still enjoying some of the finer things in life – enjoy.

Love Vegas – minus the carbon footprint

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There’s one city on Earth that’s the watchword for glamor and excitement, and that’s Las Vegas. Whether you’re there for the big shows, the casinos or just the indulgent experience, it can’t be beaten. But the environmental impact is huge. First, there’s the flight to get there and then there’s the energy needed to keep this city in the desert lit, cooled and powered. For example, the MGM Grand on the Vegas strip is estimated to pay $1.2 million a year on electricity alone. So far better to stay home and play the online version of the famous casino instead. You’ll even be able to pick up a BetMGM bonus. There are all the table games you’d ever want to play at BetMGM plus poker, slots and a sportsbook too. All from the comfort of your own couch.

Designer labels at a fraction of the environmental cost

How often have you been invited to an event and thought that you really need a new outfit for it? For many of us, our closets are packed with these sorts of one-wear only clothes – the sorts of items that we look at again in six months’ time and wonder when we’ll get the opportunity to wear them again. So why buy when you can rent instead? Launching on the back of this sustainability idea, the last couple of years have seen an explosion of clothes rental agencies who specialize in offering one-wear only designer brands. The principle is simple. You just choose from their extensive range, wear the garment and return it when you’re done. Less expensive, none of that environmentally aggressive fast fashion, no storage space needed – plus no danger of being seen out in the same outfit twice!

Grow your own micro herbs

With so many of us trying to enjoy a healthier diet these days getting the right ingredients can be a tad tricky sometimes. Plus, depending on where you’re located, during the winter months all those herbs like cilantro and basil may have had to cover quite some air miles to reach you. But if you have a sunny, sheltered corner in the yard or even a spare windowsill in your apartment, then growing your own should be simple. Just search out a good seed-selling website, place your order and you’ll be on your way.

So, hopefully we’ve given you some food for thought with these three suggestions. Now it’s time to get a little more sustainable all round.

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