Sustainability Maven, Reformation, Celebrates the Opening of Their Fourth NYC Store

Manhattan, New York—Sustainable fashion connoisseur, Reformation, celebrates their store opening on Madison Ave. in Upper East Side. The label’s brick-and-mortar vacancy spreads far across New York City, with shops located all over Manhattan. Reformation announced its new tech-enabled experience last Thursday, attracting eco-conscious influencers and media alike. 

The brand’s store concept is the best example of the future of fashion. In efforts to extending sustainability even further, the store’s stock remains at its lowest capacity, resisting production waste and surplus. As if that wasn’t enough, customer service is projected to be as seamless as possible, enabling customers to find their own size and information on touchscreens scattered throughout the space. This attempt at brick-and-mortar innovation holds a bright future, giving customers a chance to experience both online and on-site retail—all in one space. 

As for selection, the options are endless. With less stockpile, Reformation is able to offer more styles with less space, organized by color scheme. Not only can sustainable shoppers ditch the retail mess headaches, but they can refer to countless editorial images from the wall fixtures. To emphasize the eco-shopping experience even further, silent video screens inform viewers of Reformation’s sustainability efforts.

Images by Lianne Almeida

If there’s one brand that does sustainability right, it’s this one. Their growth and expansion aren’t expected to stop here either. Shop with confidence and join the Reformation here (LINK) 

Images by Lianne Almeida

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