#MADEINFLUENCER : When Brands Meet Influencers

For the 3rd time SPAIN hosted #MADEINFLUENCER, an event that is surely the most important in Spain regarding this thriving field of movers and shakers. With serious clout and some very shiny faces,  it is one of the industry’s real networking events where brands can meet influencers and develop great working relationships.

It took place this year at IN GRACIA. and the space was filled with both industry experts and the new to the arena hopefuls. Most of all, fun was had all around and the experience ensured lasting events for as long as this trend stays a fixture in the life of social media.

The purpose of #MADEINFLUENCER as per its organizer, María Luis is “to break the barriers between companies and influencers by providing them a relaxed event where they can meet each other and find amazing collaborations and synergies”. With the use of everything from Meet and Greets to fun games, the event shared ways of connecting both on and offline.

María Luis is one of the big expertises in Spain regarding the influencers market. They know who she is and are confident that everything which comes from her and her company Tryptic Comunicación  is well worth any effort involved, although effort is not really needed here.

“Our goal is to work with the best professionals. Especially regarding the influencer’s path where there’s has been a collapse within the last years”.

“We host lots of influencers from all around SPAIN from different targets: fashion, travel, gastronomy, makeup, technology, sports, …”


And they do this with a great diversity. Needless to say, brands appreciate that.

That is why companies like RENFE SNCF, LADUC, AIRE ANCIENT BATHS, 100% ENERGY DRINK, BEST HOTELS, HTI CLINIC, didn’t want to miss the chance to support #MADEINFLUENCER.

The event was driven by Journalist Alejandra Castelló -one of the top faces in Spanish TV and radio. There were also some interesting talks like the one done by inspiring fashion designer KRIZIA ROBUSTELA.

Krizia is leading the local production and design MADE IN BARCELONA and offered a great talk about the fashion industry for independent designers.

The third edition of #MADEINFLUENCER closes with a huge success. We are looking forward to TREND PRIVÉ being there in 2020.



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