Celebrating Jeko Pin with LDC for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The folks that be at LDC have build a staggering community of artists, creatives and thinkers who, as well as sharing their work invest their time in collaborations that support projects, causes and more personal stories through design. This month the collective are focusing on Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the people who have the strength and desire to express their feelings.

Designer Golnaz Ashtiani shares her more personal story with us. “October is breast cancer awareness month. It is a matter that’s very close to my heart. Having lost two of my aunts to breast cancer, I wanted to run a campaign to spread awareness about how important it is for young women to be educated about breast cancer and the importance of self-check for early signs. For this year’s campaign I have selected one of my collaboration projects “Jekopin”

Jeko pin comes from the Korean term for nipple [jeot-Gogol-ji]. A collaboration between Ashtiani and EH London, artist and accessory designer Teaseok Kang created Jeko pin cast taken directly from the body and transformed into a pair of 18k gold plated nipple shape Brooch. Coppafeel is a charity I have chosen to donate to.

Artist and accessory designer, Teaseok Kang

Coppafeel, is the first breast cancer charity in the UK tocreate awareness amongst young people with the aim of instilling the knowledgeand tools they need to get to know their bodies. I specially like their lighthearted and fun ways to raise awareness and empowering women”.

To get educated, talk to some actual humans and shop the #BreastCancerAwareness collaborations just Coppafeel

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