9 Fashionable Decor Ideas for Holidays

With Christmas approaching, it’s time to start planning decorations and presents. The holiday season is an ideal time to cozy up and create your private winter wonderland at home. From glitter to plaid, when it comes to Christmas, it’s okay to go over the top and do a festive makeover. With that in mind, here are some fashionable décor ideas for Holidays that will transform your home into a stylish space.

Coordinate the wrapping

Since the gifts will go underneath the tree, they might as well be considered as part of the décor. So, coordinate the wrapping paper with the rest of your decorations to better fit in with the whole festive theme. For example, you can use the same color palette as on the tree ornaments or harmonize with the shades dominating the room.  

A sophisticated flower arrangement

While mistletoe, poinsettia, and holly are the traditional plant arrangements for the Holiday season, you can add your creative touch as well. Take a large glass vase and fill it with deep crimson flowers fresh from the market. Use wintry evergreens like tree branches and holly leaves with berries to make the bouquet in the spirit of Christmas. This will be a perfect decoration for the living room, dining room table or simply to welcome guests in the foyer.

Say “yes” to purple

Purple is a very festive color that will work well with Christmas sparkle and give it a more modern touch. Use it as the main color, in which case you shouldn’t exaggerate with red details or as an accent shade to make certain parts of décor pop. For example, purple flowers on the windowsill or a tablecloth on the coffee table. Purple ornaments on the Christmas tree paired with silver ones scarcely hanged will make a striking centerpiece and a novel way to celebrate the Holidays.    

Play with the lights

String lights are probably the most commonly used illuminations for Christmas inside and outside the house. However, there is more to them than just a simple spread on the windows, walls and the tree. Get the ones working on batteries and simply place them in several mason jars. This way you can place them under the tree, on the mantle and even on the steps of the staircase. Use them as a nightlight or to create a peaceful ambiance when you are resting or having friends over.

Repurposed fruit bowl

While fruit bowls are intended to be functional, they also can have a great decorative value. But during Holiday seasons they can serve a higher purpose and become a centerpiece in your fashionable décor. Use your favorite fruit bowl to create a decoration for the coffee table with round ornaments preferably in one to two shades. If you have a large table, mix the ornaments of different sizes to make the showcase more interesting and versatile. Avoid using glitter and sparkle to keep this décor idea minimalist and perfect for any interior design or Christmas style.   

Cozy up your sofa

Christmas is a time to rest and relax with your favorite people in the coziest spots in your home – the sofa. Add differently styled cushions and blanket over the armrest to make the sofa as comfortable and soft as possible. Place an antique lantern on the side table displaying modernly arranged branches and berries symbolizing winter and Holiday season. A candle scented with Christmassy fragrances like cinnamon and gingerbread is a welcoming addition on the coffee table to set the mood and welcome guests.  

A chic table setting

Use the red, white and black color combination to create a chic and elegant table setting for the dinner. Moreover, opt for different textures and materials to add layers in a fashionable style while maintaining festive vibes. Red tablecloth and white woolen placemat will perfectly depict the Holiday season, while black plate and silver utensils will add a dash of luxury to the mix. Make a simple rosemary wreath to serve as decoration on the plate and use a bright wooden coaster underneath the plate for a layered appeal. 

Try modern glamour for holidays

Forget classic Christmas look and choose to something completely different as a decoration this year. Metallic tree with golden and aquamarine ornaments is perfect for smaller spaces or those that want something modern. Place the tree on the windowsill and presents wrapped in gold, green and blue around it and on the shelf beneath. This non-traditional color palette will sparkle enough to add festiveness to the room, but be visually pleasing to make the space cozier. 


Dress up your front door

Add a Christmas wreath on your front door decorated with pine cones and holly berries to welcome your guests when they arrive. A pile of fireplace wood on one side and small potted evergreen plant on the other will remind everyone of winter even if they have a sunny Christmas. Swap a doormat for a more Christmassy patterned one or keep it classy with a unicolor motif like red, green or gold.  

All in all

There is still plenty of time to decide whether you want to stick to the classics or try new fashionable décor ideas for Holidays. From purple shades to metallic trees, maybe this is the season to go for something more modern and start a new Christmas tradition. After all, Christmas is all about new beginnings as well.

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