Finest Quality Gently Worn Garments With Incentive – Infantium Victoria IV PRELOVED

Infantium Victoria’s manageable extravagance childrenswear is made with the finest quality in mind. Sadly, their little customers grow, and the designs no longer fit in them. Their clothing needs to discover new owners. It is delightful to see quality items being passed onto others within families and among companions. Occasionally,  it’s simply a matter of needing to find a new home for the gently worn items. Infantium Victoria promises eco-friendly, sustainable design, Infantium Victoria debuting a new addition to their brand is  IV_PRELOVED for quality recycled garments.

Infantium Victoria IV_PRELOVED is a new section in the brand’s own e-commerce shop. Gently worn clothing arrives from photoshoots or sale samples. Infantium Victoria encourages all clients to recycle and return their preloved purchases to the headquarters. As an incentive, each client receives  20% off towards their next purchase. Each garment received is thoroughly inspected by staff, cleaned with natural detergents and repairs are made if necessary. Only products that meet the guidelines are then presented through their online boutique – IV_PRELOVED.

IV_PRELOVED is a great opportunity to shop quality designer kids fashion at considerable prices. Sustainable fashion is sometimes perceived as a very luxurious product, seemingly almost inaccessible to certain groups. Infantium Victoria IV_PRELOVED’s answer to what may seem impossible to others opens the likelihood to quality designs on a financial limit. Slow fashion will last considerably longer than the common name brands. Deciding to purchase from Infantium Victoria is safeguarding the wellbeing and prosperity of youngsters and invaluable, diminishing earth’s assets.

Creative Director of Infantium Victoria, Dinie van den Heuvel explains: “Donating a garment seems to be a very common practice for kids wear, however, those goods can easily end up in the landfill. Of course, our organic plant-based products would make a great compost under certain conditions. But it would really be a waste! So much love is put into creating those precious pieces, so we want to make sure that Infantium Victoria clothing would be worn by multiple kids.”

Infantium Victoria is an award-winning luxury sustainable childrenswear, supplying the finest vegan kids fashion since 2015. Available in selected brick-n-mortar stores, it sells internationally at

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