We have brought you handbags made from apples, and an alternative to leather made from pineapple leaves. Now we would like to introduce to you the cactus vegan leatherDesserto” by Adriano Di Marti.

This alternative to leather is at the forefront of innovation, going beyond the needs of the leather goods market offering high-quality materials made with sustainable alternatives to international brands that share Desserto’s same core beliefs. Their commitment is to the care of the environment. Their articulate attention to detail creating the most unique, beautiful, and sustainable materials. They have created an exclusive ‘ Vegan Leather’ made of cactus. Cactus vegan leather materials are designed and developed to meet the most rigorous standards from the Aeronautic to the Fashion industries.

A recent presentation of Desserto took place at Lineapelle in Milan, Italy, the innovative Mexican brand of Adriano Di Marti was invited directly by Thea Speechley, founder and director of Raw Assembly, to participate in a prestigious event that distinctly works without animal leather, includes a strong focus on plant-based alternatives and works closely with other brands such as Piñatex, Natural Fiber and also some of the Lotus leaf alternatives on October 28 and 29, the number one exhibition for the supply of sustainable raw materials for the fashion industry in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific. Speechley told Vogue Australia that the vegan Mexican Cactus Vegan Leather was one that created the most impact. “Kit Willow was beside herself,” Speechley exclaimed.

Desserto set its sights on this innovative product of recent creation to exhibit it in this great international showcase that promotes plant-based alternative materials at large levels. “They literally launched the Cactus Vegan Leather a couple of weeks ago,” Speechley said, “so it’s great to have it here first in Australia.”

Adriano Di Marti will continue to participate in national and international events to continue to introduce to the world this innovative sustainable product that represents an alternative for the fashion, furniture, automotive and aeronautics industry in the face of an urgent global need to act in favor of the environment ambient.

Desserto is already considered to be the material of collections of important designers, maybe other industries will also start to catch on as well.

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