ROMA Ensuring Children Worldwide Have Boots

As cold weather starts to embark across the country, people are starting to bundle up and reach for their warm winter gear. What is a luxury for many people, others may not be so fortunate.  Merging fashion with philanthropy, Sam Bistrian from ROMA Boots ensures children around the world have access to this often overlooked necessity, that he holds “boot drops” around the world and has personally delivered millions of dollars worth of boots to kids in need.
ROMA’s strategy to bring devastated children all through the world expectation, love, and enduring change through guide and training. For each pair of boots sold, another pair is given to a child. Bistrian needed to consolidate his adoration for design and altruism to help youngsters in his nation of origin of Romania.

Samuel Bistrian was raised in the remote town of Benesti in pre-progressive Romania, where he encountered directly the battles of experiencing childhood in destitution in a socialist overseen nation.  Bistrian and his family moved to the United States at the young age of eight, his parents showed him and his eleven siblings and sisters to never forget where they came from, to show appreciation for the favors presented to them and to consistently offer back to those less blessed. So for the following twenty years, giving back is actually what Bistrian decided to do.

Dedicating much of his free time in college to causes and organizations he strongly believed in. Making his way to needy stricken nations where he helped with the structure of schools and halfway houses, Bistrian regularly spent his mid-year breaks offering help to surrendered kids in Colombia. At that point in 2001, Bistrian traveled back to Romania since moving to America. Despite the fact that the nation was never again under socialist power, neediness still remained. As he saw kids walking through the downpour and snow with deficient shoes over and over again Bistrian realized he needed to do something.

In the wake of graduating, Bistrian accepted a position with Neiman Marcus in Dallas, Texas where, for a decade, he worked. During this time he proceeded with his support of those deprived by sending garments, shoes and garments and returning yearly to Romania. It wasn’t enough however for Bistrian.

In 2009 he met Blake Mycoskie, author of TOMS Shoes. Bistrian was exceptionally intrigued by his story and in 2010 chose to take his experience and information he had gained from working in retail and paired it with the philanthropic endeavors he held so near his heart to make a philanthropy based organization that could give back on a more fantastic scale – and with the assistance of loved ones, Roma Boots was born.

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