Alexandra K. handbags – Gorgeous designs made from apples!

Aleksandra Koscikiewicz, owner and designer, of a vegan handmade handbag brand. Alexandra K. handbags began almost 5 years ago, it took her a year from idea to finished product. “It was difficult,” she states. She is vegan herself and made this brand to show that it’s possible to make great quality products that are not real leather.
Alexandra K handbags are eco friendly. It is distinctly different as a vegan brand by using innovative materials to make her high quality gorgeous designs. Materials used are Pinatex, Apple Leather, 2020 she will begin using fabrics made of 80% corn and the new cactus leather. Sustainability is essential to Aleksandra’s brand.
Alexandra K bags are internationally distributed. It has accepted three PETA Fashion Awards: 2014 German PETA for the Best Bag, 2018 UK PETA for the Best Bag and 2018 French PETA for the Best Vegan jacket (limited edition).
She has also received certifications including PETA vegan approved and Fur Free retailer.
Aleksandra creates each bag the way that she would wear it. Her clients have exquisitive taste and follow her lead. All bags are made in Poland. Each bag has a plaque that states they are animal friendly and a vegan brand – using only high quality hardware from Italy. Always on her lookout for the very best innovative materials to use in her designs, she follows the latest news and gets the very best from the market. Alexandra K is the first to offer the Apple Leather bag and will also be one of the first with corn leather and cactus leather.
In closing, in the future she will expand to jackets, shoes and basic clothing all made of innovative and sustainable fabrics. She hopes her brand will grow, and sell additional high quality products that people will use for many years to come. In her own words “I’m also happy when my bags are selling because I always think that is one less leather bag sold.”

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