Galina Antonova Shares Tips on Coping with Social Media and Mental Health Issues

Galina Antonova Shares Tips on Coping with Social Media and Mental Health Issues, read on to find out more how social media can benefit you, and more!

Social media has its benefits, such as staying in touch with old friends and sharing vacation experiences with your followers but it can also cause destruction, anxiety, and depression because of the comparison factor. Most people do not realize that someone’s social media feed is not their reality and it does not portray the actual truth about a person so we have to learn to discount a lot of information that we see on social media.

I actually recommend limiting the time we spend on social media and most certainly do not go on it first thing in the morning! Instead, have a morning routine such as a workout or meditation that puts you in a productive and happy state for the rest of the day. For me, I noticed my diet has a lot to do with how I mentally feel throughout the day so I always try to make healthy choices to maintain the “feel good” on a daily basis.

Train yourself to take an active approach in managing your mental health rather than just hoping to feel good when you wake up. Learn what affects your mental health in a negative way and put the system in place to deal with those triggers accordingly!

It does take work to maintain a healthy and positive state of mind at all times but its work worth putting in because the most important work we can do is work on ourselves!

Galina Antonova

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