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Not all dogs are lucky. Seems there are not enough dog lovers around New York City, however some souls push their boundaries to find the perfect crush for all dogs in need.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC’s goal is to raise awareness of the ever-growing plight of homeless animals in the United States, in shelters as well as those abandoned in the streets. There are way too many fantastic animals that are euthanized every day just because they are homeless.


Rescue Dogs Rock NYC introduces these animals to the public and educates them that unwanted companion animals are not damaged goods or unworthy, but can be fostered into wonderful family pets. We cannot forget how valuable is having a dog in our lives. More and more it has been proved how helpful pets are accompanied by people with disabilities, old people, patients at hospitals. What’s more, there are many companies allowing their employees to bring their pets to the office.

To achieve such a goal, the mission of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC requires a lot of effort either humans and monetary. They rescue these animals and provide them with immediate emergency care, medical or otherwise, they need and deserve. Besides medical treatments, the animals are rehabilitated through trainers and behavior specialists to help overcome past trauma.


The organization does not have a physical shelter, and relies on a network of volunteers, fosters, and adopters to welcome these animals into their homes and provides them with a nurturing and caring environment.

This amazing project has been launched a couple of years ago by Jackie O’Sullivan and Stacey Silverstein. These are the mamas of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. A pair of incredible women who have been capable to donate their time to bring second chances to homeless animals. And, yes, by rescuing dogs Jackie and Stacey have also rescued others’ lives. Rescue Dogs NYC deserves a celebration. During these two years, 4,500 dogs have found a second chance with the support of this non-profit organization.


On October 22nd at 583 Park Avenue Rescue Dogs Rock NYC celebrated its second annual gala.

An evening to share with friends, animal lovers, and some special guests. The cocktail and dinner reception gala raised funds and awareness to help animals in need and was co-chaired by Georgina Bloomberg and Lara Trump. The gala was produced by Robin Lathrop of By Robin who also donated fabulous décor and DJ. TV personality Bill McCuddy was the emcee for the evening.

Jean Shafiroff, Elizabeth Shafiroff, Lizzie Asher, Pamela Morgan, Leesa Rowland, Randi Schatz, actress Sean Young, Meredith O’Connor, Dana Tycher Reisman, Sydney Sadick, RHONY Sonja Morgan, Justina Valentine, Jesse Watters, and Ray Mariscal. The real stars of the evening were the RDRNYC dogs as well as guests who brought their own.

It is important to mention each of us can personally contribute to Rescue Dogs Rock. You can be a volunteer, or foster. Maybe you bring a new member to your family by adopting a dog.

The organization accepts donations and there’s also a wish list where you can contribute by buying things they really need. This list is available at AMAZON


Thanks to all the organizations for counting with us!!


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