Top Gift Ideas to Warm up Someone’s Heart This Winter

Cold, wintery nights are approaching but so is the season of holidays and gifts. Sometimes you want to warm up the heart of a person close to you but you need a creative idea.

If you need help, these top gifts will definitely put a smile on the person receiving the gift.

Long-distance lamps for a real connection

No matter where you are, the other side of the town or the other side of the world, these lamps can help you feel connected with your loved ones. By buying two or more long-distance lamps, you can let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them. What you do is that you switch your lamp on with a touch of your hand, and all the lamps emit the same ambient glow, regardless of where they are. It’s hard to think of a more sentimental gift, right?

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Cold weather headphones – music at all times

Some people love listening to music while walking, driving on the bus or cycling. It gets a bit harder when their ears are freezing in the winter air. So, they will love your gift – cold weather headphones with a built-in audio speaker and removable cords.

Go full sentimental with love pieces puzzle

This could be a hugely original gift this winter. It’s both sentimental and fun. Your loved one can do the puzzle together with the rest of the family, enjoying the process of discovering the message in the puzzle. Most love puzzles can have up to 8 personalized names and come in several colors.

Rent a pet and make them both happy

Your loved one doesn’t have a furry friend? It doesn’t mean they can’t have a wonderful day with cute animals and give them their love. It’s possible to rent a pet and let them both enjoy their time together – it’s warm, lovely and it’s great stress relief.

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Enjoying a warm beverage longer with a temperature-control mug

Many of us love drinking hot beverages during cold months, especially tea, cocoa or milk. After spending time outside, what’s better than warming up your fingers while holding a warm mug filled with our favorite drink? The beverage can stay warm for hours, prolonging the feeling of coziness.

Electric blanket for those who are always cold

For some people, a regular blanket simply won’t cut it so you need to up the game. Nowadays, electric blankets come printed even with a metallic design, which makes them a perfect gift for teens even. A blanket that gets you warm in less than a minute is a true treasure.

Chocolate with a twist

You can never go wrong with chocolate but make it far more interesting by turning it into something else. If you’re thinking about a gift for your wife/girlfriend, then one of the perfect Christmas gifts for her would definitely be a chocolate bouquet. Think about it – women love flowers, so you would be giving her a bouquet, only this one is also edible. You can’t go better than that.

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Mixtape pillow as a gift

Cheesiness is sometimes great, especially for those who grew up in the 80s. Mixtapes will always be a symbol of love, so your partner or spouse will love a pillow that reminds them of the past times. Maybe you can’t make them a real mixtape but you can give them pleasant dreams on a mixtape pillow with your initials.

All-year luck in a horseshoe trivet

Do you want a traditional gift as a reminder of simpler times? And you want something to bring good luck to your loved one? Well, then a horseshoe is both of that. You can find a blacksmith to turn a real horseshoe into a trivet – it will amaze the person who you’re trying to surprise, no doubt about that.

Personalized cookie jar as a cute kitchen trinket

This simple gift bears a great sentimental value because it awakens our childhood memories. It’s even better to customize it with any title you want or even with the name of the person to whom you’re giving it. If you also fill it with the person’s favorite cookies, then you’ll really nail it.

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A vintage jewelry box instead of actual jewelry

No one says you should give jewelry to your wife, girlfriend or mum. Instead, try the alternative approach by giving them a vintage-style jewelry box crafted with quartz glass. You can even add one or two lines of personalized text to make it more special. That way, all of the precious jewelry can be kept in this cute box of yours.

Key dates frame as a lovely reminder

Sometimes people forget the actual dates of the most important days in their lives. You can immortalize those dates by framing them on the wall. It’s possible to choose the background color and the number of dates in the frame. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate your mutual milestones, having them displayed in the living room.

Quick access to a relaxing scent with jewelry

An unexpected combination of lovely jewelry and an elegant smell comes in an oil-diffusing necklace. If you know what type of essential oil your loved one likes at home, put it into this special necklace and give them a double surprise. They will love the simplicity of the necklace but also the opportunity to enjoy their favorite smell wherever they are.

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Designer fragrance subscription for the indecisive

Your loved one adores perfumes but gets bored of them really fast or can’t find the perfect one? Then a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription for signature scents is a better investment than a single bottle. That way, the person can switch quickly to different fragrant and have fun.

All in all

There are so many creative gifts these days, as well as customization options so that you can’t go wrong if you give it just a bit of thought. Giving gifts during the winter is especially enjoyable because it’s also connected to the holidays. So, enjoy the whole process, especially the moment when the person opens your gift – that is the best part.

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