Shanghai Fashion Week- SHAN FUTURE FORUM: China follows the green

The Shan Future Forum has the aim to bring forward-looking international fashion organizations, business executives, scholars, experts, and scientists together to discuss the future trends, challenges, and opportunities of sustainable fashion. Shanghai Fashion Week is being surrounded by the green power of sustainable fashion.

The Shan Future Forum has become an annual forum with global influence and defines Shanghai as an important hub in the sustainable fashion landscape of the world.

This green open forum also has a look at all efforts occurring in the fashion industry worldwide: British Fashion Council, Copenhagen Fashion Summit, Heron Preston, Erdos, and more; sharing together their experiences, goals, and ideas so as to build a better world together.

And a change can be possible if each and all of us start to reconsider our behaviors, actions, and tastes. As a consumer, everyone can help to grow the value of the sustainable fashion industry.

There are a lot of changes and improvements bathing the fashion panorama: fabrics, new technology, new business models, … just follow the flow of a circular grateful attitude towards nature.

And as consumers, we also have to keep in mind how to become a sustainable grateful fashionista: do we need to buy new clothes? Do we pay attention to labels? Do we gather information about a brand before buying?

This 2019 has been witness of some relevant sustainable events: the Global Agenda of Fashion, the Cycle Design Workbook, the Positive Fashion project launched by the British Fashion Council, The Green Carpet Fashion Awards, the Circle Fashion Summit, … and thousands, millions of voices and movements sharing a common commitment: let’s keep our planet clean and safe.

The  #Sayehs forum hosted in Shanghai responds to this commitment. And this forum was really interesting as it counted with a transversal complete view from different agents around the fashion industry: investors, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, art patrons, scientific, designers, journalists, … a circular conversation around Nature, about how this sustainable movement has infused an extra dose of creativity.

Needless to say, this green creativity has forced the apparition of new business models and the company’s cultures. This trend brings new investor’s profiles interested in putting their money in sustainable projects and new talents with green values.

A conversation where technology assumes a huge responsibility by accompanying every agent in their respective journeys toward the green goal.

Completing this circle we have the consumers. The beginning and the end of this green circular conversation. The key to this new paradigma in the fashion industry. A pivot element which nowadays demands more information and, above all, requires a unique trend: to be sustainable and respectful.



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