Ermanno Scervino – Milan Fashion Week SS20

Ernanno Scervino Milan Fashion Week SS20
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Since childhood, Ermanno Scervino has always known he would design luxurious attire for gorgeous women. Officially founded in Florence, Italy in 2000, this was an important location to house Ermanno Scervino as Made in Florence was a major concept because a set of traditional values was placed upon his brand’s essence.

The Ermanno Scervino collections are distributed on an international level through single-brand boutiques, in the most prestigious store-in-stores along streets showcasing international luxury fashion and through the world’s most exclusive multi-brand stores.

The exceptional quality of the Ermanno Scervino product allows it to be defined as élite, as a brand that creates unique and unparalleled clothing and accessories. Inserts, inlays and embellishments that define a new international, timeless code of elegance. Attention to detail, careful manufacturing, and elegant pairings are what make Ermanno Scervino pieces unique and exclusive.

An authentic Italian spirit with roots in the traditions of craftsmanship that serves as the life force for unique pieces that embody the dynamic, international spirit of the modern woman. There is a unifying theme between the women’s, men’s, and children’s collections, which themselves are specific expressions of a precise and unique style idea. Designs are created right before women realize they want them.
Ermanno Scervino was behind the sublime blend of haute couture and prêt-à-porter, creating the new concept of couture-à-porter, where know-how intertwines with creative experimentation and cutting-edge technology in the name of excellence.
 The models were in their space as this collection reflected a sort of Renaissance art, and cinema. There was an oversize paisley-printed organza dress worn above raised sole-glittered oxfords along with beautiful glittery dresses.


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