Daniela Gregis SS20 Milan: Simple Forms

The recent Milan Fashion Week presentation of Daniela Gregis showed a relaxed and natural representation of unstructured form. Truly understanding the flexibility of the lifestyle side of fashion and appreciating the qualities of textiles in their earthy states, while still elevating the design aspects of cut and movement, the Spring Summer 2020 collection offered up glimpses of sustainability in a refreshingly modern but approachable style.



The work of Daniela Gregis is part personal appreciation of holistic living and part maker. Not simply designer. Rather than strictly adhering to the typical path of the fashion student, Gregis has found her calling among a spectrum of ideals not often considered in mainstream fashion. With todays buzzwords tracking ideas like sustainable, ethical and eco, it appeals to many brands to find ways to pull these in to what they do. In Daniela’s case, she has an actual background in both herbalism and textile research. The fairly reserved creator launched her first label in 1987 called Ok’am.

With Gregis’s show finales, each worker, tailor and team member comes out to take a bow alongside her. She celebrates and respects craftsmanship and handwork as well as quality natural materials (wool, linen, silks). Equally she embraces modern technology, and will show hand-painted pieces beside laser printed silks.

Daniela Gregis currently lives and works in the Bergamo region of Northern Italy. In interviews, she has said that her aunt taught her to crochet.  Her use of knits and crochet in her collections are part of her foundation of an artisanal, slow means of production.

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