Arthur Arbesser’s inspiration Milan SS20 Backstage

Arthur Arbesser Milan Fashion Week SS20
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The mood was caught backstage of Arthur Arbesser’s collection was a rich display of his Austrian heritage. For Milan Fashion Week SS20, Arthur Arbesser’s inspiration was gained from a large box in his late grandmother’s wardrobe.

It was merely a few months ago, the designer discovered a box that belonged to his grandmother, Mathilde, which contained scraps of fabric cut from her own clothes from the 1920’s up until the 1980s.

The Milan-based brand was founded at the beginning of January 2013, Arthur Arbesser was born and raised in Vienna, deeply immersed in the city’s history and culture as he grew up.

After graduating from London’s Central Saint Martins College he moved to Milan to work for a leading fashion house for several years. Subsequent to launching his label and being a finalist of the 2015 LVMH prize, he quickly became recognized for his graphic aesthetics and personal design language.

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