SUFFERING NATURE by Iidiko Sopronfalvi


Environmental pollution. This is a real problem in our life. We should think about what we do for our environment and how we are damaging our mother earth. These photos were taken in the industrial area to show how human damage his environment. The animals are suffering, nature is suffering. Who we are? Humans who are damaging the mother earth? These fashion photos were taken from another aspect to think about.


Photographer: Ildiko Sopronfalvi
Assistant: Marina Berhman
Model: Olga Hellsing
Wardrobe Stylist: Yulia Zimmermann


Dresses: Laura Scott, Pieces

Tops – Replay, Soaked

Bottoms – ONLY, Trousers: Soyaconcept, Jeans: FB sister

Shoes – Lazamani

Andrea Bell

Managing Director

Having over twenty years in the fashion and PR industries, Andrea has covered positions as an author, editor, stylist, art director, consultant, marketing director, social media director and in various media stations in publishing. Green longer than she can remember. Updo in the clouds and feet firmly planted in a fabulously structured garden.

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