Move Over Hygge: Why Lagom is the Hottest Design Trend on Earth

Who among us doesn’t remember when Hygge mania was sweeping through the homes and closets of pretty much everyone in the world? The Danish lifestyle concept, which loosely translates to a feeling of coziness and contentedness, swept the design world through much of 2018, with Danish interior designers, fashion houses, and architects becoming the most in-demand people in town.

Well these days, Hygge is most decidedly out of vogue. In its place has come another Scandinavian lifestyle movement, one which is making its mark on the homes, diets, and fashion choices of anyone who’s anyone: the Swedish concept of Lagom.

In a nutshell, Lagom is a word used to describe a style and way of living that is “not too little, not too much, but just right”. It has replaced the overstuffed kitschiness of Hygge home design and replaced it with a more minimal style in which personal comfort and utility is valued above all. Let’s take a look at all things Lagom, to see how you can incorporate this hot trend into your lifestyle.

Practical, Comfortable, Self-Care 


One of the guiding principles of Lagom in the home is that self-care and wellness should be at the center of your living. That’s why one of the first things any Lagom convert should do is ensure they have got a comfortable bed, as a good night’s sleep sets you up for a whole day of contentedness.

Better sleep means a better mind, meaning a quality mattress is often the first item on the list. This might mean a standard memory foam mattress or the hybrid mattresses from the brand Casper that seem to be popping up in the homes of A-listers around the world these days. Part of the reason this particular brand seems to be all the rage is that it incorporates the key tenets of Lagom, prioritizing the user’s comfort above all else, for example with the use of temperature regulation to ensure maximum comfort. In addition, Casper utilizes ergonomic principles in their mattress design, principles which happen to be in vogue in Swedish workplaces, which are dominated with standing desks and ergonomic chairs. This kind of heavy focus on comfort and wellbeing in furniture is critical to the lifestyle. Lagom always starts in the bedroom.

Toned-Down, with a Splash of Personality

In keeping with the ethos of avoiding “too much” in the home, you’ll see that trendsetting Swedish decor is typically toned-down, neutral, and consistent in colour, a far cry from the organized chaos of Hygge. Of course, Lagom is all about balance and ensuring you avoid going too far and falling into minimalist territory. The remedy for this is often a couple of statement pieces of furniture, something that you can enjoy having in your home and which says something about your personality. This could be an avant-garde ornament, a dramatic rug, or a wildly-mismatched chair – something that draws attention and acts as a counterweight to the understated nature of the room. One prime example would be the bold sculpted furniture from celebrated Swedish designer Kajsa Melchior, which aims to capture the contrast between what we find and what we create.

Greenery is Key 

Green, leafy houseplants are absolutely central to living Lagom. The Swedes know better than most that you need a home filled with vitality and life to get you through those long, dark winters. Ideally, you want plants that require a little bit of upkeep, as it is believed that being responsible for a living thing will help you feel more connected to your home and give you a feeling of pride when you see your plants flourish. Think terrariums, Bonsai trees, and palms – the greener the better. Someone truly dedicated to the lifestyle might even consider installing a moss wall in their home, guaranteeing a year-round indoor garden. serves businesses and homes from its base in the North West of England, giving them that lively but cozy touch of greenery.

A Space Just for You 

A core aspect of Swedish wellness is incorporating mini-breaks throughout your day, which will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and productive. This is why the practice of Fika, the coffee and cake break which punctuates the Swedish workday, is finally taking off around the world. To truly take a break from the world, you need to a space in your home where you can switch off and lose yourself for a few minutes. If you have an alcove, bay window, or even an unused pantry in your home, this is the ideal space to make your own. A window is absolutely key. The ideal space is somewhere you can sit with a cup of coffee and watch the world go by.

These are the essentials for incorporating Lagom into your everyday life. However, it’s about more than just decor, it’s a way of living. If you can remember to take care of yourself, not over-indulge, and look on the bright side, then you’re already living Lagom.




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