KLOSET SLAYER by Curtis Taitt


Female Model: Aisha Mcmillion
WB: emcilli
Photographer: Curtis Taitt
WB: misterclt123pics
Fashion Designer: Marcia arnsparger Santiago
IG: https://www.instagram.com/klosetslayer/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/klosetslayer
WB: klosetslayer
TW: https://twitter.com/klosetslayer
PT: http://www.pinterest.com/klosetslayer
Female Model: Marcia Arnsparger Santiago
WB: @klosetslayer
Female Model: Elona Hope
WB: elona_hope
Female Model: Sani Nicole
WB: sani_nicole2


Andrea Bell

Managing Director

Having over twenty years in the fashion and PR industries, Andrea has covered positions as an author, editor, stylist, art director, consultant, marketing director, social media director and in various media stations in publishing. Green longer than she can remember. Updo in the clouds and feet firmly planted in a fabulously structured garden.

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