Italia’s New Sustainable Star: FLAVIA LA ROCCA

Sustainability is claiming for its relevance so, this third year, our colleagues of Camera Della Moda Italia in partnership with Eco-Age have put the green into an amazing red carpet under the name THE GREEN CARPET AWARDS.

The Oscars for the sustainable fashion. One of the fashion events of the year. A celebration to support those who have a strong commitment towards making the fashion industry more eco friendly.

The ceremony showcases the innovation and craftmanship of the fashion supply chain, celebrating Made in Italy. Because the Italian savoir faire owns a unique heritage which is feeding the local economy and, what’s more, they are proud of their artisan knowledge and want to lead this era of sustainable fashion.

For those designers who participate in these sustainable contest have had to push their boundaries by diving among an exhaustive process of research: new materials and new techniques. Can you imagine how this have boosted the creativity of these Italian talents?

As the organisation states “All designers are challenged to incorporate the Eco-Age Principles of Sustainable Excellence, Eco-Age’s sustainable guidelines, into their bespoke designs together with Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana’s sustainable guidelines. ” A big effort thus designs must speak beyond its image.

The award for Best Emerging designer went to Flavia La Rocca, a young Italian designer who from the very beginning on her brand, in 2013, had very clear she was going to offer more value to her clothes by adopting a firm commitment with her values regarding transparency and sustainability.

Such concept signifies a disruption regarding the idea we used to have about a fashion designer. Flavia La Rocca arrived to shake our wardrobes.

Instead of surrounding to a cynical shopping circle, Flavia’s designs could be considered as the Lego of fashion. Her patterns offers endless possibilities of combinations.

“The clothes are composed of interchangeable modules that, through the use of hidden zippers, can be detached and matched again to create different combinations. This modern and functional wardrobe reduces the waste of water, fabrics and energy”.

Flavia is also supporting the local production and makes sure the whole processes and materials involved are 100% eco certified. This also has helped Flavia to build a strong personal relationship with all the people involved in the production of their clothes. A huge respect towards others work.

“We directly control our supply chain to be sure that respects the planet as well as the people on it. The pieces are made out of recycled, made by new technologies or natural fabrics, all certified. And this is absolutely important for us because this is aligned with our value of being a transparent fashion brand. We want offer to our customers security about what they are buying.”

It is amazing to see who a young entrepreneur puts her values on top and align an entire business to embrace respect and sustainability.

About Flavia’s winner design, her dress would killed the Cinderella’s ball.

“My dress has 3 modules, 1 belt, 4 flounces and an half bow all removable and double-face.

The keys that make the 40 different dresses possible are the use of hidden zippers that allow the modules to be detached and matched again or be used individually, and the buttons/buttonholes that permit an almost infinite play of overlapping, color combinations and volumes.

Even with simple styling games the same modules take on different functions.

The possibility of wearing the garment in more than 40 combinations reduces

the use of water, raw materials and energy in the production process and limit the CO2 emissions.

It also makes the life cycle of the product longer, being a comment on reducing consumption.“

For Flavia La Rocca there are no excuses for anyone in the fashion industry to face the sustainability challenge. “From my point of view, I am proposing a sustainable concept of clothing, I always keep researching new materials and the way to let them more interesting with new techniques. There is no limit , we just need to believe in it and let the people understand that fashion can be glam and stilish but at the same time sustainable and ethical.”




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