An Influencer Shares Perspective of Her First London Fashion Week

By Galina Antonova
This was my first London Fashion Week experience and I must say it was as memorable as I was hoping it would be.
Galina-London Fashion Week
Galina Antonova
My first show started with Oxford fashion studio, it took place at the beautiful Royal Opera house. The show presented a few emerging designers such as Mercia Ramagaga, Garth Asham, Sun in Leon and others. Most of the collection was made up of dresses with  predomimate colors that were a dramatic black in combination with white and red. Amaranthine Atelier presented a very unique “military style” collection that exhibited elegance, confidence and simplicity.
Oxford Fashion Studio London Fashion Week
Next was Seven continents, the collection took place at Victoria House where it presented a group of international designers from different countries. The collection was created for feminine and confident women and it showed very elegant evening gowns for special events. Whether it is a red carpet or a graduation it will get you noticed and seen.
It was then on to Tran Hung-The collection had a certain sensuality and grace to it! A certain sense of elegance and chicness with rich colors and a romantic touch that are absolutely a red carpet must!
Tran Hung London Fashion Week

Lastly was DB Berdan– This was a very bold presentation. The style was street wear for a very diverse audience who is not afraid to express themselves though rich colors and passionate statements.

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