The Biggest Trends from AW/20 Fashion Weeks

Now that Autumn is finally upon us, it is time to take the doctrines and inspiration from AW/20 Fashion Weeks around the world. Though fashion week indeed does pose an ethical dilemma, the rise of sustainability and ethical focus is a welcome one, with cities like Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Berlin leading the charge. To date even London and Paris have geared their fashion weeks towards a more conscious platform, though the industry still has a ways to go. 

One of the most sustainable ways to take the current state of fashion week is to look beyond the fad trends and invest in pieces that are the new timeless. This applies regardless of where you buy your clothes, whether that is directly from big name designers or from a boutique such as Lily Lulu Fashion. Buying with the intention to wear again and again, year after year is key to building a sustainable wardrobe. 

Without further ado, here are some of the biggest AW/20 fashion trends to invest in for a lifetime: 

Trends in Outerwear 

Outwear needs to stand apart on its own and compliment the outfit underneath. The best trends seen during the A/W 2019 fashion weeks involved capes, structured looks, classic design, and many are wonderful for the everlasting wardrobe.

The cape, for example, was reinvented this year. Rather than being a drab and outdated item, it was created with top trends in mind. The trench cape, for example, married the cult item trench coat with a more fanciful shape that is sure to compliment more feminine styles. 

Trends in Skirts 

Skirts reached ankles and featured bright colors and interesting patterns. Great for winter and exceptional for layering, you can add thick tights, right up to jeans with the great skirts seen on the catwalks. 

Trends in Colors 

Color trends are very difficult because there are so many shades per season to follow. That is why instead of trying to match the shade you should instead know the top perpetual color trends for the Autumn/Winter season: 

  1. White 
  2. Black 
  3. Brown 
  4. Burgundy 
  5. Yellow
  6. Navy 

Each season will have its variations of these base colors, and having these colors in your wardrobe is a must. Picking the exact shade, however, is up to you. Be sure that it suits the rest of the clothes in your closet before you invest, and pick shades that appeal to you. 

Trends in Knitwear 

Knitwear was deconstructed and oversized this year, bringing a brutalist element to traditional knitwear that certainly works with edgier and more modern styles. Patterned knits were also a hit, and used to layer over more extravagant clothes. Take inspiration and use knits over dresses, skirts, and other formalwear to make better use of your entire wardrobe and look exceptional while doing it. 

Fashion week trends are tricky. They certainly do dictate a lot of what you will see in the shops. By knowing what is set to be timeless in the future, however, you can better spend your money and make more sustainable purchases. 

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  1. Thank you for summarizing these trends! This season I especially love the colors because they are so stylish and chic!

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