The Extremes of Fat Burning and Freezing

Many times, diet and exercise don’t work like many of us want to use weight. This sentiment is especially true for problem areas and as we age and as the metabolism slows down. It can be very frustrating to the point where a person can be tempted to take various actions that may be harmful to him/her. Starving oneself and using fad diets are very risky to our health. Furthermore, getting a liposuction procedure can be a little too pricey for the budget. However, there is another safer option to use that is usually more affordable than liposuction, and this option is called cool sculpting, i.e. the process of freeing off body fat. 

White and Brown Fat Cells

 When it comes to fat cells, it comes in white fat cells and brown fat cells. White fat cells stock up fat to maintain body energy. This fat type is the most abundant kind in the body. Brown fat cells maintain the stability of the body temperature and generate heat by burning calories. In fact, these fat cells are brown due to mitochondria which are small organelles that generate the necessary energy cells. 

How Fat Freezing can Help

Coolsculpting specifically aims at brown fat. Coolsculpting is also called cryolipolysis. This procedure is the number one fat reduction that isn’t invasive. Being nonsurgical makes this procedure safe. A study from researchers at the University of Geneva has shown how mice that were exposed to cold temperatures for approximately 10 days lost weight when they formed brown fat. These researchers noticed how the microbes in their abdomens changed due to the cold and have gotten significantly smaller. 

Fat freezing, aka cool sculpting, is FDA approved for the visible fat bulging treatment of stubborn problem areas. These areas include back fat, thigh, the submandibular area, the submental area, abdomen area, the upper arm, and underneath the buttocks. 

 Minor Side Effects/Risks

There are some side effects of this process that are minor. The side effect of more concern is rare which includes visible enlargement of the treated area. This rare side effect can develop two to five months after the procedure. If this occurs, surgical intervention is required for correction. Other side effects/risks include the following: the tugging sensation of the treatment site, temporary redness, bruising, skin sensitivity, swelling, and temporary redness. However, these side effects usually end after a few weeks. 


For more information about freezing off fat, contact Absolute Cosmetic Medicine. They have experienced surgeons and physicians, they have been in business for over 20 years, and they will provide a complimentary consultation. They can guide you step-by-step with this safe, non-surgical, and effective procedure of cool sculpting. 

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