Fashion Scout Presents This Nor That London Fashion Week

Fashion Scout is pleased to present the Spring Summer 2020 collection of THISNORTHAT debut showcase at London Fashion Week.

THISNORTHAT is the brainchild of Yubo Lin and Li Chen Tan. Yubo and Li Chen met at the lstituto Marangoni Milan campus. Upon graduating in 2015, they started their label THISNORTHAT. Hailing from different countries – China and Malaysia, The differences in culture combine into wonderful chemistry and their innovative partnership is thriving. Admiration and respect for each other’s designs do not stop them from challenging each other and together, achieving new heights. Li Chen focuses on pattern making and detailing while Yubo emphasizes on finding balanced contrasts in exaggerated silhouettes.


Li Chen is inspired to create ‘functional’, comfortable clothing’ whereas Yubo uses color to counter the norm and boundaries of design.
Each season the designers collectively develop a series of prints based on their inspiration. They are then customized by adding THISNORTHA T’S signature quirky touch. The collection demonstrates that by collaborating and combining the practical and imaginative, it is possible to create a unique and highly desirable product.

WE STAND BY OUR DESIGN AS OUR IDENTITY, NOT OUR LABEL” THISNORTHAT highlights the different possibilities that exist in life. They look at the world afresh with a child’s innocence. Together, they resist being limited by artificial boundaries, gender labels, and rules. For Spring Summer 2020 THISNORTHAT tackles underlying tensions of the human condition. They raise social issues relevant to their generation. They have taken inspiration from an individual’s desire to succeed, common fears towards failure, isolation and being judged. Because of these fears, we strive to succeed and become a better person. THISNORTHAT’s collection embraces living your life to the fullest for no one but yourself.

It’s a celebration of what is important in life.

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