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TAORAY TAORAY NYFW SS 2020 will be shown for the first time on the world stage of New York Fashion Week with a women’s and men’s collection where tradition meets modernity: ‘taoray taoray x Yi’S EMBROIDERY, CHUXIONG x NEW YORK‘.  The inspiration came to fruition when taoray taoray’s design team was introduced to Yi embroidery, a Chinese cultural heritage leader.

Wang Tao, founder, and CEO of TAORAY WANG believes that beyond beauty, fashion is about capturing and harnessing social energy.  As one of China’s most accomplished designers, she brings this vision into contemporary fashion with her secondary collection, taoray taoray.

The Yi ethnic minority has thousands of years of history, and its splendid culture is a valuable segment of Chinese society. Yi’s embroidery is a remarkable part of the culture with exquisite patterns and bright colors, which are a symbol and treasure of Yi people’s art and culture.

Through delving into cultural history and detailed research of Yi’s craftsmanship, insight an inspiration was gained for the essence, intricacy, and symbolism of embroidery. Aiming to resurrect original values and recall tradition, the design team applied the patterns, colors, and techniques of Yi’s culture into their contemporary fashion design, which includes relaxed T-shirts, must-have hoodies and hip joggers and other essentials.

The taoray taoray NYFW SS 2020 collection is a reflection on how the designer is preserving culture to encourage people to embrace the culture and remind them of the beauty of tradition in daily life!


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