The Facts About Ethical Energy Suppliers

One of the biggest sources of carbon dioxide emissions is power stations. These account for about one-third of the total CO2 produced in the world, with those that produce power with coal being the least efficient and producing the most CO2 emissions. Burning natural gas is a little less harmful, but the reduction in CO2 is offset by an increase in the energy these power stations use. The increase in demand for electricity has not helped the situation. Educating home dwellers on ways to reduce the amount of power they use is a start, but the best solution is to source electricity from ethical energy suppliers. 

Stopping the Use of Fossil Fuels

The worst offenders for producing CO2 are coal, oil, and gas, which are collectively known as fossil fuels. The UK, for instance, has 1% of the world’s population but emits 2.3% of the world’s emissions of CO2. This is because the UK relies heavily on fossil fuels for its energy supplies, but CO2 is not the only problem. The country already has to import a lot of them, but the supply will one day run out.

Changing to Renewable Energy

Renewable energy suppliers use mainly the sun, wind or water to produce their electricity, but also geothermal heat and the tides can be used.  Some also use biomass, which is derived from biological materials from living or recently living organisms. Waste from municipal tips is a typical example of this, and also corn is popular for this purpose. There is very little or no waste by-products that are harmful to the planet, and there is an endless supply of them. 

Biodiesel is made from the oils in plants such as rapeseed or soybean and is a great way for businesses to use ethical energy in any diesel-run machinery.

The Awareness of Consumers

Consumers are more aware than ever of the problems the planet is facing and are looking for ways to help. One of them is to switch to an ethical energy supplier so that the amount of power needed from the fossil fuel power stations is reduced. Businesses can also make the switch, and if they want to compare business utilities, they will find it very simple to do so at 

The added bonus of using ethical energy suppliers is often that they cost less than the traditional suppliers, and this is another reason why consumers are being attracted to them.

Taking it a Step Further

As well as only using more ethical methods to produce the energy they sell, one supplier has taken this a step further. A new start-up has emerged with a mission to reward their customers – they will be giving 75% of their profits back to the consumers that use them as well as appointing some of their customers as members of the board. This is a great way to encourage people to change to suppliers that are not using fossil fuels. It will probably be much more successful at getting people to swap to ethical energy suppliers than any initiative of the governments.

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