Top 6 true wilderness destinations you have to see

Global development today has left us with few places on Earth that are truly wild and unspoiled by civilization. Thanks to airplanes, tourism has reached unbelievable distances and areas, ruining the original, wild beauty of those destinations in the process. There aren’t many regions or islands to visit barefoot if you want eco-friendly travel. And there are many fake “wilderness destinations” that are actually full of modern settlements built for tourist purposes. If you want the real list of amazing wilderness destinations that will allow you to experience nature first-hand, seek no more.

Reach the high peaks of Bolivia

boliviaPop-up camps set up by renowned tourist companies throughout remote locations all over the world have made it possible to experience Bolivia in a new way. There are 6-day journeys which start in La Paz (the world’s highest capital!) for those who want to admire the wild beauty of this country. Bear in mind that the trips are organized only from August to October. You’ll get to see sand dunes, deserts, mountains, and even salt flats. During the trip, you’ll share a dome for 12 people, equipped with beds, a wood stove, and a hot-water shower. One of the stops includes the Sajama National Park, at unbelievable 4,313 meters of height, just next to a hot spring perfect for swimming. The last stop is in the Atacama Desert, the driest desert on the planet, offering the chance to ride in a hot-air balloon over the salt flats of the Salar de Uyuni.

Parque de Patagonian in Chile – the vastness of variety

chileThese 250,000 hectares of land are what makes a stunning national park situated in the Chacabuco Valley. The size of the park allows you to enjoy varied terrain, from vast grasslands and forests to glacier rivers and rocky mountains. The best accommodation to start your trips from is Lodge at Valle Chacabuco, which comprise of 10 rooms and is completely made of stone and wooden beams. From there, you can be on your way to fly fish, trail hike or go mountain biking to discover the wonders of the park. Be warned that even though there’s Wi-Fi in the lodge, there is no streaming. If you want your visit to mean more, you can join the Conservacion Patagonica team and help them plant trees and build fences – no better feeling than knowing you’ve made your contribution to preserving wild beauty.

Tasmania – the shiny pearl of Australia

There are many reasons why Tasmania is a perfect way to reconnect with nature and your inner self. The Satellite Island with its moorlands, clear lakes, and white-sand beaches will allow you to see more of quolls, wombats, and wallabies than other tourists. The island’s capital, Hobart, provides accommodation in the form of cutest little hotels and is just a short flight away from Melbourne. The Tarkine Rainforest prides itself with some of the freshest air you’ll ever breathe. Deserving the nickname “forgotten wilderness”, it hides lovely waterfalls, sand dunes, and caves, giant tree ferns but also rare and almost extinct animal species like the orange-bellied parrot and Tasmanian devil. And you have only scratched the surface there. To explore Tasmania in all of its wild beauty, you can choose between going onto the trails on your own and getting a guide through Tasmanian holiday packages who will make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Get lost in Transylvanian forest in Romania

RomaniaThe last great European forest spreads over 1,450 km Carpathian mountain range, with some of the trees older more than 700 years. It provides shelter for many animal and plant species, including wolves, bears, and deer, as well as chamois and lynx. There are only horse-drawn wagons passing through the picturesque forest. Now various eco-tourism projects are being done there, allowing you to go on a wildlife-watching trip accompanied by a biologist. Your accommodation and the base of the trip can be in Brasov or Zarnesti in an eco-certified guesthouse, from where you can start your trip of watching bears and wolves in their natural habitat.

Orangutan Sighting in Sabah, Borneo

borneoOne of the few remaining habitats for the orangutans is located in the jungles of Sabah on the island of Borneo. If you want to experience these lovely animals first-hand, visit the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Sandakan and also enjoy the unspoiled rainforests and clear tropical rivers. There are many other astonishing animal species to see there, including the clouded leopard, which is not easy to spot at all but one can hope, right? The wonderful Tabin Wildlife Reserve allows you to explore the rainforest by boat rides, canopy walks and even night walks, accompanied by professional guides, of course. You’ll get to see the weird proboscis monkeys wandering around high in the trees and try to spot one of the four species of hornbills, too.

Wild Antarctica – your final frontier

The frozen continent of Antarctica is one of the most remote places on the planet, which makes it a stunningly unique and beautiful habitat for amazing species. The wildlife you’ll get to see there can’t be compared to anything else. Even though the temperatures there are extremely low, there are still animals which adapted to the surroundings, some of which can manage throughout the worst season. It is the home of lovely Adélie penguins, orcas, leopard, Emperor penguins and elephant seals. The rarest is the chance to spot the blue whale, but who knows? If you’re a bird enthusiast, you will have an abundance of petrels and albatrosses to enjoy. In the past, Antarctica was available only to explorers and expeditions but today it’s possible for an adventurous tourist to join the expedition cruises during the summer months.

Final words

The best way to experience the wonders of the wilderness is to immerse into them. Hiking, trailing or cycling through the unspoiled natural beauties will truly show you how magnificent our planet is. When you reach true wilderness, that is when you realize just how important it is to keep it safe from the modern world so that it can be our natural shelter from the stress brought by the civilization.

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