7 Actions to Take Before Moving into Your New Home

Every new homeowner will want their property to be perfect once they move in. While you might be tempted to start your new life at the address as soon as you receive the keys, you should avoid doing so, or you could live to regret it.

If you want to eradicate problems to ensure a smooth transition into the property, here are the seven actions to take before moving into your new home.

  1. Change the Locks to Your New Home

The last thing you will want to do is lay awake on your first night in your new home, worrying if a stranger could gain access to your property. To rest peacefully in your bed each night, you should ensure the locks are changed before you move your family into your new home.

  1. Update Your Address

Updating your address doesn’t need to be a chore. In fact, USPS has made the process a doddle for homeowners, as they feature a Change of Address section on their website to forward all mail to your new home, and all it will take is one dollar to do so. However, you will need to update your address with your credit card and loan providers to protect your credit history.

  1. Complete All Maintenance Tasks

No property will be perfect, especially if your new home had previous occupants. Rather than waiting to tackle the issues once you move in, you should hire a talented handyperson to complete the tasks on your behalf, if you are unable to do so yourself. For example, they could:

  • Paint your interior and exterior
  • Mount a TV onto a wall
  • Hang artwork and mirrors
  • Assemble flatpack furniture
  • Hang new doors
  • Fix broken door handles

It will ensure every room looks perfect once you officially move in. Get started by learning about and searching online for “the best home repair near me.”

  1. A Deep Cleaning

No-one wants to live in another person’s dust and dirt. Before organizing moving vans to transport your belongings to your new address, you should give the property a thorough deep cleaning. 

For example, you could hire professional cleaners to steam your carpets, polish your flooring, scrub all surfaces and make your appliances and kitchen cabinets sparkle. You can, therefore, rest assured that you and your family will be moving into a fresh, hygienic space once you are ready to leave your old home behind.

  1. Review Your Home for Leaks

While a home inspector will have checked for various potential leaks before you submitted a down payment and signed a mortgage contract, you should still check your new home is leak-free before you start a new life in the property.

For example, once you have received the keys, you should visit the property to review the water meter. You must then ensure no-one uses the water during a two-hour period before checking the meter again, which is much easier to do if the whole clan has yet to move in. If the number remains the same, you will not have a plumbing leak; however, if it has increased, you might need to hire a plumber to identify and resolve the root cause of the problem.

  1. Install Various Detectors

The next step you must take is to install both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your new home. If they are already installed, you should bring new batteries along with you before testing the alarms work. It will allow you to rest peacefully in your bed each night knowing you and your loved ones will be safe from a potential fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

  1. Stock Up on Groceries

Once moving in day arrives, you will have limited time to embark on a grocery run. To prevent rumbling stomachs, you should stock up on groceries to ensure you have the basics and can quickly whip up a meal for your loved ones in your new kitchen. Don’t forget to chill a bottle of champagne, too, so you can toast to your brand-new life once you settle into your new home. 

Moving day can be stressful enough without having to contend with dirty rooms, broken doors, and water leaks. Rather than allowing the issues to add to your stress, you should push back your moving day until you have eradicated the problems from your home. It will take the hassle out of the experience, so you can look back on the day with much fondness. 

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