3 Ways Ground Yourself and Reconnect with Compassion

Compassion is a trait that is not only beneficial to yourself, but it is also an essential skill in building and nurturing relationships with others. In fact, grounding yourself (which means you are connected with the present moment and your fight-or-flight responses are relaxed) allows more areas of your frontal cortex to engage. This means that your problem-solving abilities are better, thus making you more approachable to those around you and essentially more productive. With that in mind, here are three helpful ways to aid in you grounding yourself and rejuvenate your reconnection with your sense of compassion.

Meditation and hypnosis

Mediums and Psychics are tuned to energies of peace and calm. There many practitioners who are skilled in giving guided meditations to soothe and relax your mind. For those who are grappling with a particular worry or concern, Clairvoyant readings often provide the much-needed confirmation that everything will be okay. Most Clairvoyants can provide in-therapy sessions and equip you to take over your meditation practices at home.

Deep breathing

When you breathe deeply, you’re helping your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response) to disengage, which leads to a clearer mind and, consequently, better problemsolving. This is because your fight or flight response dials down your ability to think logically to try and direct your body’s energy into survival mode. When you start to control your breathing, your body is forced to relax, giving you time to collect your thoughts. It is important to note that the ‘letting go’ benefits occur on the exhale, so breathe out slowly. You can pack a power-punch to your deep breathing routine with aromatherapy, which offers benefits to heighten the calming effects of deep breathing.

Stress and tension releasing exercises (TRE)

TRE is a fairly new concept. Dr. David Berceli (PhD) is an expert in conflict resolution and trauma intervention. He has developed a technique that helps to release stored patterns of tension and trauma – even emotional trauma – from the body. TRE works by making the body a safe space. Often, we use the stresses of life to distract us from emotional pain and the physical discomfort of depression and anxiety. These unpleasant sensations can be relieved with TRE, which eliminates the need for the distractions.

The value of compassion

Compassion requires us to slow down, take a deep breath, and connect with the present moment. This isn’t always easy when you are working towards the next goals, or the consequences if you fail to meet that goal, or maybe even the next opportunity you are worried about losing out on. When you manage to slow down and leave those concerns out of your mind temporarily, you will be able to connect with yourself and others with deeper meaning and find joy in the small details around you. It is these small instances of joy that weave the fabric of happiness that blankets our life.

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