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An uncommon story of ART, LOVE & FLOWERS…. Susan Lafica has always been a bit of a “Flower Child” and has been designing since the age of 3. Now with over 35 years of experience in the fashion industry as Fashion Designer & Celebrity Stylist, she is launching her new love… FIORI Couture. The name Fiori is Italian for “FLOWER.”

Exploring the world of the FIORI Couture collection, you will find handcrafted accessories & couture garment pieces made of the finest materials from around the world. Many different antique elements combined poetically create, FIORI Couture. Some of our accessory collector pieces are uniquely embellished with authentic vintage CHANEL earrings, buttons, and rare antique jewelry. Some jewelry embellishments in the collection date as far back as the early 1800s.

Each piece makes a statement whether it be Avant-Garde to the Flirty & Feminine. Susan has designed accessories for women around the world for years. Her designs have graced the pages of many top fashion magazines. Her Iconic design and style embrace all women. Her Signature pieces are desired and adored from Celebrities, Brides, Fashionistas, to even the Bohemian Flower Child.

Welcome to the world of FIORI Couture

“One of a kind Beautiful objects of Desire”…

Photographer: Issac Alexander

Creative Director/Assistant: Rachael Stanley @stylesby_rachael Clothing

Model: Holly Crawford @hollyseesstars

Clothing: Crazy Mary’s – Sacramento California @krazymarys_sugarshack

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