4 Tips To Make Travel More Sustainable

Traveling is an exciting part of life – it gives you the opportunity to visit new countries, enjoy exciting new experiences and learn about different cultures all around the world. However, mass tourism is having a detrimental effect on our planet as a result of transport emissions, uneconomical accommodation and large organized tour groups. While some emissions are unavoidable while traveling, there are plenty of ways to make travel greener. With this in mind, here are four tips to make your vacations more sustainable. 

1. Rent a vacation home 

Private accommodation like Airbnb and vacation homes are generally far more sustainable than hotels as you can control energy and water usage. You can also ensure that all waste is properly recycled and prepare meals in the most sustainable way possible. What’s more, vacation rentals offer a more personal and private feel and generally give you far more space than you would get in a hotel. 

You can also choose what type of amenities you will require to have a perfect stay and any special requests such as dog-friendly homes. Portscatho Holidays offers a fantastic range of cottages and homes for rent in the beautiful Cornish countryside. You can choose from romantic luxury cottages, which are perfect for those looking for some tranquil peace and quiet, to homes that are suitable for both dog lovers and those with children, making it possible to find the perfect accommodation to suit your needs. 

2. Try to limit flights 

It is important to think carefully about how you’re going to reach your vacation destination. According to U.S Transportation – “Transportation accounts for nearly a third of greenhouse gas emissions, and its emissions are growing rapidly.” For that reason, it’s important to carefully consider your mode of transport and choose the most eco-friendly option possible. Keep in mind that traveling by boat or train is far more economical than traveling by plane, so try to use these modes of transport when possible. When it’s necessary to travel by plane, make sure you choose the most direct route possible and opt for green airlines that strive to reduce carbon emissions. 

3. Eat in local restaurants 

Try to avoid the typical tourist restaurants while on vacation and instead opt for local restaurants that are offering traditional meals made with locally sourced ingredients. Going to local restaurants gives you the opportunity to sample delicious local cuisine, meet local people, and support the local economy. Eating locally sourced food is also far better for the environment as it reduces the emissions associated with food transportation. 

4. Choose green modes of transport 

Once you reach your destination, try to get around in the greenest way possible. For instance, walking or cycling produces no carbon emissions and is also far better for your health than driving everywhere. Opting for public transport like buses or trains is also far better for the environment than renting a car or taking a taxi everywhere. You should also keep in mind that walking, cycling or taking public transport, is far cheaper which means you’ll have more money left for fun vacation activities! 

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