Reusable Mesh Produce Bags, 100% Organic Cotton, by SOL + SPIRIT

One of the simplest ways to make changes positive for the environment is to utilize re-useable produce bags. SOL + SPIRIT is a company founded by Mother and Daughter Duo, Helen and Megan Kioulafofski, a team dedicated to spreading awareness about the environment and to reduce plastic used day to day.  Guiding you through your zero-waste journey:

“Meg has a bachelors in Environmental Science, which has helped her to understand our impact on this earth and what we can do to reduce our ecological footprint. We wanted to share our knowledge with you in the hopes that you get inspired to do the same.”

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Helen and Megan Kioulafofski, the owners of SOL + SPIRIT, Photo Courtesy of SOL + SPIRIT

Having the experience of using the 100% Organic Cotton “Reusable Mesh Produce Bags” is an experience I would call fulfilling. Being a promoter of organic farming, I often thought that something in this food chain, from the customer’s share of responsibility, is missing. Something that can influence the well being of our planet, globally: the packaging! Or better say, in what do we carry our fresh organic products, especially fruits & vegetables. It’s true, some would say: “Is it really the responsibility of the final customer?” Well…let’s look into it: Most of us, are sourcing fresh organic produce from big food store chains where we are given mostly two options. “En-detail” – packed, dominantly in plastic, or “bulk” for which we are given plastic bags in which we weight the products and carry them to the cashier and on to our homes. It is a lot what each of us can do to stir up progress… Many times, as customers, we don’t realize that change lies in our hands. When you are the buyer, the power is yours.

First, it all begins with your will to change for the better. Once you decide to get involved, an array of ways to act accordingly, opens. Contacting that company that delivers your food of choice and telling them how they can and should improve their packaging in an environmental friendly manner can be a start. Just think about how fast we can evolve if each conscious customer would do so… The good news is that even a small percentage of customers could push the good forward if dedicated for not just identify the issue but committed for action as well. Would you care do be part of it? Fruits & vegetables sold in “bulk”… now, here comes SOL + SPIRIT to give us a helping hand.

SOL + SPIRIT 100% Organic Cotton Reusable Mesh Produce Bag, Photo Courtesy of SOL + SPIRIT

I’ve been happy to start using their product for the first time, a couple of weeks ago, and ever since. The 100%  Organic Cotton “Reusable Mesh Produce Bags”. Despite my initial thought, that, “….uhmm… how will it work in a super market?” As the tare weight of one mesh indicates 0.1 lbs / 1.5 oz / 44 grams and the staff is used to see every customer using the store’s plastic bags. Well, it went brilliantly well! Bought my favorite fruits & vegetables and, I didn’t mind the 44 grams extra. The staff was surprisingly cool handling the products in the new packaging. However, if you shop from a local farmer’s market or your store has the option of enabling your cashier to deduct at check out the exact Tare Weight indicated, than that’s absolutely perfect!

How relaxing shopping can be ( for the consumer and for the planet ) with the Non – Toxic, Biodegradable, Plant Based, Reusable Mesh Produce Bags that SOL + SPIRIT created.

Shopping with 100% Organic Cotton Organic Reusable Mesh Produce Bags by SOL + SPIRIT, Photo Courtesy of SOL + SPIRIT

Reusable… it does feel right!

They are durable and flexible. Though occupies a small space when they are folded and can easily find a place in a purse, they are sturdy, can carry serious weight and are expanding in size once loaded. The bags are practical and economical with the space offered, as they take the shape of the products. After several years of use, when you think it’s time to replace them, you can take away the drawstring ( and recycle it ) and so they can become part of your compost, as they are biodegradable. The bags are also easy to clean and breathable, fact that helps our veggies to stay fresh longer.

Featured Product: Reusable Mesh Produce Bags Made From 100% Organic Cotton

Delivered in a pack of 5 pieces, carefully arranged in a recyclable paper box, with absolutely no plastic involved. This is what my eyes saw when I opened up the paper box:  

SOL + SPIRIT Reusable Mesh Produce Bags, Photo Courtesy of Trend Privé Magazine

Though, created especially for groceries shopping, the 100% Cotton Reusable Mesh Produce Bags can have different applications in our day to day life. From using it as a carrier for our personal objects while lounging at the beach, to store our kids toys… you name it. The bags are unbleached and made with care. Each bag is 12×15″, and they are offered in packs of 3, 5 or 10. It can also be the sweetest gift for an eco – oriented person. I have personally gifted one bag to a passionate neighbour and I must say she is thrilled to use it, just as I am. With the thought of let’s evolve faster to preserve our planet, it’s wonderful being able to share these conscious products with people. There you go…

SOL + SPIRIT, founded with one goal in mind: providing the highest quality, zero-waste eco-friendly products to sustain our green lifestyle. “We know that with the proper tools and the right mindset, each small action that we take to preserve the planet has a huge impact. We want to encourage others to do the same.” SOL + SPIRIT

 SOL + SPIRIT has partnered with one of the best organizations out there dedicated to cleaning up the oceans. 10% of profits are donated to The Ocean Cleanup.

You can purchase their products, here:


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