Summer/Autumn Trends

Fashion seems to be ever-changing, and that’s one of the exciting things about it. It’s why there are trends, but it’s also why we are able to look to the future and see what’s coming up; no one needs to be left behind when it comes to fashion. 

As summer gets underway and we head towards autumn, now is the ideal time to see what is going to be happening in the next few months in terms of fashion – you’ll want to update your wardrobe and make sure you are wearing the most exciting clothes available. 

Oversized Hats 

Not everyone enjoys a hat, and not everyone can pull one off, however if you can, then you should this summer and autumn. The fashionable hats this year aren’t just any kind of hat, they are oversized ones. 

It’s far easier to enjoy this particular trend if the weather remains good into the autumn, as a windy day or a cold one always makes a larger hat a difficult statement to try out. However, since there are going to be many different incarnations of this trend, you may even be able to find an oversized hat that works in all weathers. 

Plenty Of Pleats 

Pleats are hugely popular for the summer and autumn season this year, and the wonderful thing about pleats is that they work on every item of clothing. You can have tight pleats on a plus sized skirt or dress, for example, but you can also have them on the sleeve or even body of a shirt or t-shirt. You can have pleats on pants or on accessories like scarves and on the brims of hats. 

The pleats for 2019 need to be tight, and the more there are, the better when it comes to a true fashion statement. Known as ‘micro pleats’ they will give any item of clothing a lot of movement and a gorgeous silhouette. 

Tie Dye 

This fashion trend was popular back in the 60s and 70s, and it is making a resurgence now. Although in this carnation there is a lot more design going into each item of clothing instead of the more random effect that the original tie dye clothing (often done at home and not bought) had. 

The fun thing about tie dye clothing is that it is bright and bold, and you can really enjoy showing off your individuality using it. If you want to look back in your parents’ (or grandparents’) wardrobe you can even pull out some vintage clothing to wear which is a lot of fun and, assuming the clothes are in good condition, makes sense too; it’s good to reuse and recycle. 


Of course, no outfit would be complete without the shoes to go with it. For summer and autumn trends, you should be looking for flats. This will certainly be a relief to some who are just not comfortable in heels, and since they can look absolutely beautiful, there is no reason not to go ahead and be as fashionable as you want to while also enjoying a lot of comfort. 

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