A Guide to Dressing with Style and Comfort


While there is always a time and a place for a slinky dress and a stiletto heel, there’s nothing that’s quite the same as being comfortable in your clothes. Not chafing, feeling itchy or walking around with burning feet is always a preferable way to exist from day-to-day. However, many people associate staying comfortable with being frumpy – which isn’t always the case. There are plenty of ways to feel comfortably mobile and feel stylish.

Luxurious fabrics

It’s not just the cut of a fabric that will make you look stylish, but it’s also the quality of the fabric. There are some materials out there that are so rich in color and pleasant in texture, that they instantly exude class. State Cashmere Women, for example, works with Mongolian farmers to create beautifully-made fashion pieces from their womenswear. It’s this approach to fashion that will build a wardrobe with pieces you will constantly come back to.

Let your figure be suggested

Wearing clothing that suggests and highlights your figure is a great way to flatter your appearance while feeling confident too. Falconetti dresses gained notoriety because the shape of your figure was implied – not revealed with low-cuts or exposed skin. If having your legs or other features out makes you feel exposed or uncomfortable, there are plenty of ways to still stay tailored and stylish.


Photo by Clem Onojeghuo

Be yourself

Ultimately, you will feel comfortable if you are truly at home with your own personal style. If you love Doc Martens but are worried they’re too masculine, you are missing out on a trademark of your personal style as well as comfort. There is nothing more stylish than seeing someone comfortable in themselves, as well as the clothing they’re wearing. You will never look at ease in heels you don’t want to wear.

On top of the ‘be yourself’ mantra – apply the theory that whatever you wear absolutely has to be your style. Even having a ‘work uniform’ might bring you some surprising freedom. This is particularly the case if your place of employment has a workwear policy. Wearing something at work that radiates your personal style, but doesn’t leave you shuffling uncomfortably at your desk all day could be an absolute fashion life-saver.


One easy way to be effortlessly stylish is to opt for over-sized clothing items. Wearing larger cardigans or sweaters will make everything else appear synched-in or more tailored than it actually is. Opting for a chunky-knit, or one with a cabled pattern can also be a stylish feature in its own right. Then, choosing a yarn color that’s rich and vibrant can add instant eye-popping color. You don’t always have to look for a tailored jacket to make layering look effortlessly stylish.

Comfort is just as important as style – and the two are not mutually exclusive. By choosing high-quality fabrics that, when put together, create a style is personal to you, you will always look stylish. Personality is just as important as the practicalities of fashion, especially if it makes you feel comfortable inside and out.

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