How to Prepare Your Parent’s Home for a Visit From Your Children

Your parents were so excited when you told them they were going to be grandparents for the first time, you still get a smile on your face when you think about that conversation.

Fast forward a few years, and your first baby is now an active preschooler, and she loves it when your parents come to visit at your home. They adore her just as much, and spend hours together playing, reading and going to the park.

Now it is time for you and your family to visit your parents’ home, and you are all looking forward to seeing each other and having a nice visit.

The only slight problem, if you are being totally honest with yourself, is you know their home is not exactly toddler friendly. While you feel a bit uneasy telling your own parents that they need to make changes to their home for your visit, your concern over your child’s safety is winning out and you are ready to offer them some gentle tips on what they should do prior to and after your arrival.

Here are some ideas to help your parents make their home as kid friendly as possible.


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Have a Talk About Medicines and Cleaners

If your parents take prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications and/or vitamins, please ask them to move all of the bottles into a place they cannot be reached easily, like a high and locked cupboard. Remind them that many of the pills come in pretty colors that can be appealing to small children, and that your curious preschooler will probably figure out how to open a child-proof cap in about 5 seconds. The same is true for cleaners like bleach, dishwasher and washing machine “pods,” Windex and other toxic products — they should also be moved well out of her reach.


Ask About a Home Security System

Maybe your parents have some ancient security camera that probably doesn’t even work at this point. Or perhaps they have talked about getting one, but have not done so yet. Your upcoming trip is a perfect opportunity to bring up this topic and suggest that they install a new, state-of-the-art outdoor home security system for added safety and peace of mind. If you and your folks are not super handy, the wire-free options from Lorex would be a great option; since you don’t have to run cables anywhere and they are battery operated, they can be installed anywhere inside and outside. If you have the money in the budget, you could treat your parents to the cameras as a housewarming or thank-you gift. Regardless, the cameras will monitor your parents’ property and help you keep an eye on everyone if they go outside.


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Cover Those Outlets

As Lucie’s List notes, electrical outlets and plugs are also an area of concern when young children come to visit. You can tuck a few packs of outlet covers in your suitcase and then work with your parents to cover the outlets in the various rooms. If you are worried that your child will grab at the plugs that are stuck into the outlets, you can also invest in some plug covers that will completely cover the outlets that are in use.


Kid-Friendly Foods

Your parents may be looking forward to cooking some of your native dishes for your visit; while you love these meals, your young child may not be wild about spicy foods and tons of unusual ingredients — at least not yet. Kindly tell your parents that while you love the food they make, you want to be sure your little one has some of her fave foods on hand. If they ask you for a list, you can email them some suggestions or once you arrive, you can head to the store together and select some of your child’s must-have foods.


Enjoy Your Time Together

Grandchildren and grandparents seem to have a natural affinity for each other, and you cannot wait to get to their home for your visit. By taking the time to carefully bring up certain topics, invest in a new home security camera system, cover outlets and go shopping for food together, your child’s visit will not only be fun, but it will also be safe and secure.


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