Why GMCHEF is the key to boost Spanish cuisine

When talking about SPAIN I am pretty sure gastronomy would be one of the first things which comes to your mind.

Yes, Spanish cuisine counts with unique talents, awarded worldwide.

The variety of the Spanish gastronomy is deliciously huge and offers big creativity to our chefs.

Gastronomy also reveals a significant part of the culture and lifestyle of a place. It speaks by itself and says a lot.

That’s why it is important to preserve this industry. And this purpose is followed by GMchef, a gastronomic contest organised by Gros Mercat which also counts with the collaboration of UNILEVER and HELMANN’S.

The main goal of this gastronomic event is to promote talent and creativity in gastronomy. And, also, train future Chef and recognise the first 3 classified with a stage in practice in the main Michelin Star Spanish restaurants.

GMchef 4th edition counts with more than 1000 applicants from 159 Hospitality and Cooking schools from all around Spain. So, a wide range of flavours, cultures and fresh raw materials are competing under the attention of 160 mentors.

This gastronomic events follows an accurate calendar where students and future chefs will be battling around Spain with the objective to arrive at the final contest which will take place in Madrid next 12th November.

Only 6 groups will have the chance to compete in this tasty and difficult finale, under the attention of awarded Chefs with 3, 2 and 1 Michelin Stars, as well as expertises from media and the gastronomy industry.

24 de septiembre  Bilbao Escuela Hostelería Bilbao

1 de octubre – Madrid IES Hotel Escuela de la Comunidad de Madrid

8 de octubre – Barcelona – Escola Hosteleria Hospitalet

15 de octubre – Valencia CIPFP Cheste

22 de octubre – Sevilla IES Heliópolis

29 de octubre  Gran Canaria – Hotel Escuela de Santa Brígida.

Needless to say we will be chasing this competition which will flourish the future talents and stars of the cuisine.


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