Australian Group Show Takes Over the Miami Heat

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Miami, FL (July 14th, 2019) – Australian Group show turned up the heat as the sun went down over The Miami Setai Hotel. The group show left guests radiating neons and re-inspired by throwback perfection.

While the sustainably conscious TJ Swim sported their neon flair, showing us how sexy high cuts are really done; Lil and Emm were the playful best friends who made bringing glitter cover-ups to the beach all the rage. Flattering each and everybody with sweet Kelly Kapowski vibes. If Lil and Emm where the coy BFF, Nookie Beach followed up with straight-up confidence and sexy silhouettes. Sporting leopard and vinyl lacquer all the right ways.

Next up, Lahana Swim unleashed the wilderness with their minimalistic iconic leopard ‘kinis. Subdued sexiness at its absolute prime. As Vincija Swimwear seamlessly made its way down the runway in one of a kind handmade pieces by the designer hands herself. Updating classic high-rise cuts with banded modern accents.

Sage Swim steamed up the runway and redefined the ordinary one-piece with perfectly placed peek-a-boos and French cuts.

Sonya Swim redefined “sexy” necklines with Basic Instinct inspirations. While an Instagram favorite VDM the Label stunned yet again at Swim Week with their vibrant Spring Break ready classic green and pink neon staples and universally flattering 80’s vibes.


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TJ Swim | | @tjswim

Lil and Emm | | @lilandemm

Nookie Beach |  | @nookie_beach

Lahana Swim | | @lahanaswim

Vincija Swimwear | | @vincijaswim

Sage Swim | | @sageswm

Sonya Swim | | @sonya.swim

VDM the Label | | @vdmthelabel



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