Zuma knows the relevance of the afterwork, time with friends, special occasions, dinners, … take part of our emotional experiences.

We need to socialise so as to provide quality background to our lifes. That’s why the importance of an unforgettable atmosphere: a unique place which allows us to enjoy the moment and, why not?, to take part in our biographies.

Zuma London teamwork

One of the most sensorial an intimate experience is related with food. Gastronomy has been experiencing a rebirth, similar to haûte couture’s one. Many of us want to lost our senses in front of an incredible “food-art”.

What are we talking about? Obviously, it is about relax, enjoy, feel comfortable, life and gastronomy. But this joy must be dressed with some kind of exotic luxury.

And here is when, probably, chef Rainer Becker thought about the idea of joining all these concepts, building a private universe for foodies, social moments, bathed by the Japanesse inspiration he caught while worked in Tokyo.

The yzakaya informal style cooked into unique locations, similar to petite paradises where modernity and tradition live together in harmony. The decoration is something really difficult to forget about. It’s exclusive, breaths luxury but, at the same time, achieves to make you feel comfortable. And this is something extremely important in our social life.

It is a piece of the heritage of the Imperial Japan, translated into the modernity and European’s functionality.

And the same philosophy is followed at the kitchen: maguro no sashimi, unagi bo zushi, yaki-imo no teriyaki gake,    yuzu cheesecake, … wether you are a foodie expert or not, the Zuma’s service will address you into this gastronomical experience. Dishes can be shared if you’d like. The tradition and roots of the Japanesse cooking is absolutely respected during the whole process. Needless to say the freshness and quality is a mandatory in all the ingredients.

Special attention is also translated into the dishes: marevellous and unique pieces where the receipts laid ready for our senses.
That’s why we referred to Zuma like the art of haûte couture.

Fancy a drink? The Zuma’ universe counts with bar lounge where cocktails and conversation improve our event.

Zuma can be considered as a brand, a concept which is conquering the most sophisticated places all around the world: Istambul, New York, London, Dubai, Miami, Hong Kong, … attracting the adventurers of lifestyle and luxury.


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