Gold Coast Wonders – 7 Things to Do for Unforgettable Experience

Gold Coast is the favorite Aussie spot to relax and escape everyday life. And how could it not be when one of the most loved destinations in Australia has it all. Pristine beaches, trendy nightlife, and fun attractions are only some of the things visitors will find here. This is the best place to learn surfing, try Australian cuisine and go on a hiking adventure in the famous hinterland.

So, plan your stay in Australia by including the Gold Coast wonders as well. And with that in mind, here are 7 things to do for an unforgettable experience and best time in the Land Down Under.

Gold coast walk

Taste the adrenalin on the SkyPoint Climb

If you are not afraid of heights and are up for an adventure, then you definitely should go on the SkyPoint Climb in Surfers Paradise. This is the highest external building walk in Australia which will give you a 360-degree view of the area. Climbing all the way to its 755 feet will be a unique experience which will take you higher than the Chrysler Building in New York. 

There is also a night climb where you will have an amazing view of the city lights. But probably the best news is that SkyPoint has an elevator for those less brave taking visitors to the glass observation deck. That way everyone can take a look from above over Surfers Paradise.

Have a sunset picnic at the Spit

Sunset at the Spit should definitely be included in the most romantic spots in Australia. This permanent sand structure is located on Main Beach and is ideal for a picnic with friends or romantic dinner by the water. You will find Sheraton Mirage Resort and Spa here for a relaxing day of pampering yourself with massages.

There are three surfing spots here and when you get tired from riding the waves, you can visit the Sea World. The sunset from the Spit is the main attraction here and you will notice people gathering around just to watch it. A local lighthouse is the favorite walking route and you may even see fisherman casting off the shore.

Gold Coast sunset

Discover the waterfalls 

You will find some of the most beautiful waterfalls of Australia here with Twin Falls being the star of South East Queensland. It will take you only fifteen minutes to reach the waterfall and looks its best on rainy days. This is also the place to find Purlingbrook Falls which is the tallest one in the region. This is a more demanding hike since the waterfall is 109 meters tall but the effort is worth the view from above.

On the other hand, Elabana Falls will be a little more challenging to access being it is hidden deep within Lamington National Park. But you will get to hike through one of the oldest rainforest tracks and enjoy true nature adventure.

Catch the sunrise on the Burleigh Beach

Burleigh Beach is one of the best and most popular on the Gold Coast, but that is not the only reason to come here. Set your alarm clock to wake you before dawn and come here to wait for a spectacular sunrise. You can even get a coffee to go from Nook Espresso nearby and watch the world turns to gold as the sun shows up.

Have a photo session in the Sunflower Fields in Allora

Tasmania has the Bridestowe Lavender Estate and Gold Cost has the Sunflower Fields in Allora. Besides the towns of Toowoomba and Warwick, Allora is great to visit in the summer and enjoy the picturesque scenery. Snap a few photos with towering sunflowers and explore national parks and waterfalls of the area while you are there. Just remember that summer in Australia starts in December from when these sunflowers are in full bloom.

Experience the entertaining nightlife of the Gold Coast

You will find all sorts of fun activities to do in the evenings on the Gold Coast. Keep an eye on premium events and performances from entertainers like Velvet Rope Entertainment to taste the best of the Gold Coast nightlife. Grab dinner at Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant with ghoulish waiters and cabaret inspired by Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

If you are looking for great food and live music, then you shouldn’t miss the Nightquarter. This market is full of tourists and locals every Friday and Saturday enjoying tasty dishes from various food stalls and buying locally crafted products.

whale Australia

Come for the whale watching season

If you happen to be in Australia from May to November, stop by the Gold Coast for whale watching season. This is a unique experience to see these 50-ton humpback whales in person jumping out of the water. The best chance to see these creatures is in June, but with all these things to do on the Gold Coast you won’t feel disappointed too much if you miss them. 

All in all

You will have a lot of fun discovering the Gold Coast Wonders. Start with these things to create an unforgettable experience and you will easily find many more along the way. Once in Australia, it would be a shame to miss out on all the beauty and glory of the Gold Coast.

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