5 Tips to Help Your Partner Connect With Nature

What happens when you’re into nature but you realize that your partner is not quite? Is that a dealbreaker? Well, unless you get your partner to like nature and connect with it, you might have a difficult life together in front of you! Whom will you go camping with if not with your partner? Where will you spend your days off if not in nature? Be as it may, there certainly are people who perhaps like nature but they’re not completely connected with it. And this is where you step in, as you can help them, and thus do a little favor for yourself. Take a look at some of the tips:

Be in nature

There’s nothing that will get your partner like nature more than actually being in it. If you, together, opt for different hikes every other weekend (that don’t necessarily have to be long, a 15-minute hike will also do the work), the chances of your partner starting to like nature are very high. The biggest problem of people who are not connected to nature is the fact that they rarely went into nature in the first place. Nature is so much more than insects (which is a thing that many dislike about nature), and it’s important to get them out there in order to make them like it.

Visit interesting places

Your partner will definitely allow you to take them into nature sometimes, and this is where your most important job starts. You want to choose an interesting place that’s not only beautiful but which is also very interesting and where you can do various things. Also, if your partner is an Instagram addict, take them to a place that looks amazing and where great pictures can be taken (even though any place in nature is good for this). It is very important to open their eyes and make them realize that there are so many beautiful places in nature and that it’s not only city life that’s interesting and beautiful.

Indulge in different activities

Spending time in nature is not only sitting under a tree and reading a book or breathing fresh air. There are so many different ways in which you can enjoy it and so many different locations. Take the beach, for example. We all love going to the beach, swimming in the sea or ocean and sunbathing, but why not connect with nature just a little bit more? If you find yourselves on a summer holiday, you can always indulge in snorkeling or scuba diving. Both of these options are not only amazingly interesting opportunities, but you will also get more connected to nature and see all the wonders it offers. This is why you should make sure you have all the necessary scuba diving equipment the next time you go on your summer holiday – once you have everything prepared, your partner won’t be able to tell you that they won’t scuba dive. After all, they will probably love it.

Opt for gardening

What many fail to understand is that you don’t have to go out of your house in order to connect with nature, as it’s not only mountains, beaches and resorts that offer that special spiritual connection between man and nature. A great way to start is by opting for gardening. Not only is this a very interesting and rewarding hobby, it’s also a great way to learn how to deal with different plants and actually acquaint yourself with how you should deal with nature. There are plenty of plants that you can include in your backyard garden – some are very user-friendly, others not so much, but one thing is certain – there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your plant flourishing and growing.

Disconnect from technology

This might be the most difficult tip so far, but if you decide to spend some time in nature, it would be very good to disconnect from any social network. You might as well leave your phone somewhere as you won’t need it. The same goes for your camera – you might want to take some great photos but after all, it’s important to have them memorized in your mind. A picture cannot always portray the atmosphere and your feelings.


So yes, it is possible for everyone to connect with nature, but they need that special someone who will teach them how. Not everyone knows how to be free and how to cherish all the greenery that we were given.


Peter is a lifestyle writer living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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