How to Be Prepared for the First Vacation with a Baby

Your first vacation with your baby is approaching slowly but surely and you’ve already started to panic because you don’t know how to get ready for it? Look no further because we’re here to help you out! Here are six useful tips on how to get prepared for the first vacation with your baby, so check them out and get down to business!

vacation with your babyFirst of all, make sure to get a bassinet on long haul flights

Yes, your baby’s first flight can be a quite challenging and a bit intimidating experience, but you know what? You mustn’t freak out in advance! Just do your research, get informed, and everyone will be more than fine. First of all, you should know that getting a bassinet for your baby is an absolute must – especially when it comes to long haul flights. The good news is that you can either book or reserve a bassinet, so call your airline and put in a request for it. If that isn’t possible at the moment, remember that these are sometimes doled out at the gate on a first come, first served basis, which is why it’s essential to be early for your flight.

vacation with your babyTake as little baby gear as possible

Your baby’s travel list should be as minimalist as possible, which is particularly important when you’re travelling with your baby for the first time. Hauling a bunch of stuff you don’t actually need can be extremely exhausting – especially when you’ll be moving around a lot or doing things like catching trains, so think about your mobility and pack accordingly. Try not to overstuff your diaper bag and bring only what your baby will actually need on a flight – a few diapers (depending on the length of your flight), something to eat and drink, a pacifier, a warm blanket, change of clothes, and a few toys your baby loves. As simple as that! The rest of baby gear and other stuff should be safely packed in your suitcase.

Forget the stroller and wear your baby

Wearing your baby in a carrier or a wrap is much more practical than lugging a stroller simply because it will allow you to move around and navigate the stairs easily, without having to slow down. Besides that, you should also know that your baby loves to be close to you, as a lot of mothers claim that their babies slept and napped better than ever in the carrier – even on the go and at restaurants! This is a very effective way to put your baby to sleep much faster, and all you have to do is to put him or her in a carrier and walk around a little beet when he or she is sleepy. Trust us when we say that your baby will fall asleep within minutes, which is definitely worth a try, right?

vacation with your babyWhen it comes to road trips, get a quality baby car seat

Speaking of road trips, we must say that baby car seats are undoubtedly your best friends, so make sure to get one for your little one in the first place. Such a seat will keep your baby safe and sound while on the road, and car seat safety should be your top priority. Your baby car seat should come with a harness guide and a wash machine-washable covers, so that you can take proper care of them in case you or your baby spill something on them. Needless to say, superior head protection is highly required, so bear that feature in mind as well. However, you should remember that babies can get stiff and uncomfortable after sitting in their seats for hours, so read up on some infant massage techniques that can calm a fussy baby and relieve discomfort.

Breastfeed if you can

Breastfeeding will make it much easier for you while on the road, and the reasons for that are more than obvious. First of all, you won’t have to bring extra gear that includes numerous bottles, sterilizing equipment, formula, and many more, which will significantly lighten your load and help you feel much better that way. Besides that, breastfeeding allows you to feed your baby whenever and wherever he or she feels hungry, without having to wait a minute, which is another amazing benefit you should take into consideration. You don’t have to be shy about it at all, but remember that you can still use a cover if you feel a bit uncomfortable. However, a lot of moms think that such covers are an unnecessary hassle for them and an annoyance to the baby, so feel free to ditch them if you think so, too. All you have to do is to dress for breastfeeding (hint: easy access!), and everything will be more than fine!

Don’t forget to bring their favorite toys

Bringing your baby’s favorite toys is absolutely essential, no matter if you’re flying or traveling by car, but you should know that it gets even more important when it comes to road trips. In order to keep your baby calm and entertained for as long as possible, you can come up with a cool toy by using nothing more than a piece of yarn, some safety pins, and a few lightweight toys. Just take a piece of yarn, attach it from one side of the car to the other one, and hang the toys. It’s a very simple solution which is quite effective at the same time, so give it a try and you won’t regret it!

As you can see, there definitely are a lot of things you should bear in mind in order to get properly prepared for the first vacation with your baby. Of course, these six are the most important ones out there, so take them into consideration and you won’t make a mistake. Success is guaranteed if you decide to stick to our tips and guidelines, so do it and you’ll make that happen!

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