“THE ABYSS Collection” by Constanzia Yurashko

Makeup Artist: Ekaterina Ketrushka
FB: https://www.facebook.com/ekaterina.ketrushka.muah
WB: @ekaterina.ketrushka
Photographer: Viktoria Vi Prada
WB: @viprada
Female Model: Dasha Lupan @Mandarin Model Management
WB: @lupan_dasha
Fashion Designer: Constanzia Yurashko
IG: https://www.instagram.com/constanzia.yurashko/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/constanziayurashko
WB: https://www.constanziayurashko.com/
Male Model: Richard Jucov
WB: @richard_lee_junior

Adrielyn Christi

Finding the latest and greatest in fashion and to have the ability to share it with the world is truly my passion.

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