5 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

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If the time has come for you to put your house on the market, you probably have the following question on your mind: Should I renovate before selling, or not? And if you do decide to renovate, you can be sure that the resale value of your house can increase considerably. By maximizing the market value of your current home and selling it for a higher amount of money, you are one step closer to moving into your dream house.

In this article, we’ll list 5 of the best things that you can do in order to add value to your home.

The Garage

Adding one more room to your house, that a potential buyer can be converted into a bedroom or a living room, is one of the first things that you should think about, especially if you have an outside parking spot on the property. Most people don’t even keep cars inside their garages and usually use them as storage spots, so the smart thing that you can do is to utilize all the available space on your property. That way, the resale value increases by a considerable percent and you also have a higher chance to be the seller of a much more appealing property, especially for bigger families. But before taking this step, make sure you get a building permit from your local authorities.

An Outdoor Space

If you do have some space in your backyard that you could turn into a nice terrace or a beautiful garden, make sure to take advantage of it. And if you have already taken this step, think about redecorating the space or adding a wow factor that gives it a unique feel. Thinking about the value that this kind of change can bring to your home, it’s important to know that numerous people are willing to pay more for a house that comes with an outdoor space.

An Extra Bathroom

It’s true that adding an extra bathroom to your house might be a bigger investment, but you can certainly expect this adjustment to raise the resale value of the place. The number of bathrooms in a house is one of the first things that potential clients remember, and it can have a significant impact on the selling process. Chances are you won’t recuperate the full cost of building this bathroom when you actually sell the house, but don’t forget that the purpose is to raise the market value. There are ways to complete this kind of project on a budget, especially if you price shop and if you get your hands dirty with the construction itself.

Walls and Carpets

On a smaller level, we turn our attention to changes that you can make to the floors, walls and carpets. The most obvious thing that you can do, is to repaint the walls; and if you do that, make sure to use neutral colors, that won’t chase clients away. If you use a bright color like yellow, for example, chances are that clients won’t find it as appealing, as they might need to redecorate themselves when they become owners of the house. Another thing that you should pay attention to, are carpets. Mostly overlooked, carpets are an important aspect for the entire look and feel of the house; so think about some intense cleaning or even buying new ones. This is one of the smaller changes that you can make, but by actually applying these changes, the chances to sell and to make a big impact are much higher.

Smart Security Systems

Home security is a big concern nowadays, so it’s not surprising that having this feature integrated into your house can increase the resale value. If potential buyers get the feeling that the place that you’re selling to them is safe, the impact that you’re making will definitely be greater. And the best way to make this kind of impact is by introducing some smart technology, especially on the security side. Smart doorbells with video cameras or smart surveillance systems are for sure a big plus.

Whether you make some small changes or you go big on investments in order to renovate your home, keep in mind that everything counts when you put your house on the market. There are some things out there that you can do and increase the resale value of a property in an instant, but you should never neglect the power and impact that small, budget changes can bring to your bottom line.

Writer: Theodora Evans. Theodora is a passionate blogger from Sydney and she is someone you would call an IT nerd. Also, she takes great interest in psychology and helping people deal with their mental and anxiety issues. Besides that, she loves martial arts and enjoying nature.


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