Tips & Tricks on Choosing the Right Belly Button Jewelry

The right kind of belly button piercing can make you look chic and sexy. You can flaunt your belly in style with a choice of crop tops to enhance your look as well. Belly button piercing has become a fashion statement today. The adaptability and style add to the look. From belly button rings to studs, you can experiment with different kinds of style in belly piercing.


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Listed are some tips, read on:


Starts with comfort:

It all starts with comfort. Once you decide that you want to pierce your belly button, you need to be prepared for it. You need to be sure about the comfort part. Also, the kind of piercing you are looking for. Belly button rings are lighter if you compare it with other styles. So, if you are piercing for the first time, then you can stick with the rings.



You need to select a style that does not harm your body. Allergic reactions are common if a particular metal does not suit you. Be extra careful if you are prone to allergic reactions or you have sensitive skin. Steel metal is not a safe metal for your piercing so you need to take care.

Bioflex material and titanium are two metals that are safe for your belly button piercing. You can choose a style in this material. Also, don’t opt for cheap materials as that can harm your skin. As the area is sensitive, you need to be extra careful. Always use high-quality belly button ring or stud for piercing.


Add colors

If you want to do something different, then choose belly button piercing jewelry with bright colors. Pop of colors can make all the difference. Earlier there were not many options for belly button jewelry. But, today it’s available in many styles. Colored belly button jewelry can make you look sexy. It’ll enhance your personality and will give you a change you want.


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Size and placement

Size is also important when you choose a style. You can choose from 10g, 12g and 14g belly button jewelry or rings. A comfortable size will let you enjoy your piercing.

If the size is too long, you can feel some kind of discomfort too. Large selection of bent barbells is available according to your choice. Proper placement will also make a difference. Most women choose lower belly as an ideal location for piercing. The place is comfortable and you can easily take care of it.

Belly button jewelry is available in wide variations today. Every jewelry style can bring a change in your personality. Flaunting your belly in style is the new fad. You need to be confident in your selection and style.

Keep your look classy yet different. You can also choose from customized options available in belly button jewelry. From studs to cool rings, choose a style you love.

Many online jewelry stores provide you with the best deals and variations. The only thing you need to take care of is aftercare. Before and aftercare of piercing will ensure that you have no infections later.


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