Bedroom Décor Ideas to Add Comfort and Warmth

By Tracey Clayton


Your living room may be the focal point of your home when it comes to entertainment – hence the intriguing artwork on the walls, the flat screen TV, and the couch that invites for a friendly conversation. Too often, people will spend hours brainstorming yet another brilliant décor idea for that room of the house, so as to imbue it with style, functionality, and personality. However, when it comes to your own personal Zen and serenity, the bedroom is the absolute epicenter of peace.




With warm days just around the corner, this is a perfect opportunity for a spring cleaning of outdated design ideas and an ideal time to introduce fresh, yet soothing details into your bedroom. Without further ado, let’s see what you can do to transform your bedroom into the lush oasis that you deserve.



Tease all of your senses

So much depends on the atmosphere in your bedroom, and if you wish your sleep nook to exude true tranquility, you need to start with your senses. If possible, use natural light during the day to illuminate your space, but for a cozy evening mood, add dimmable lights in the form of bedside lamps as well as the main ceiling light. Choose softer light bulbs that will add a sunset feel to your bedroom for that perfect, meditative tone.

Scented candles can serve a multitude of purposes – from delivering soft lighting for those romantic evenings, permeating your space with a calming fragrance, all the way to adding another layer of boho style to your room. A soft rug on the floor is so much more than a decorative piece, as well. It will give your room an aura of luxury, especially if you go for a warm, yet bold shade such as burgundy or sangria.




Pamper your bed

The bed is the very heart of your bedroom, and when you design a perfect, restful sleeping area, your work is half-done already. Without a snug, welcoming embrace of your bed, the effect of your other décor will be significantly diminished. Start from the foundation and choose a king mattress that provides absolute comfort and support for restful nights in your bedroom. With a comfortable, generous basis, you can build up on your bedroom experience with silky soft linens that turn sleep into an indulgence for your skin.

For a complete, luxurious ambience, take it a few steps further by selecting various throw pillows and blankets that will always be there for an evening of reading, a meditative session, or turning a cold night into a warmth-infused one. Fur, faux fur, knitted, quilted, velvet, wool, or cotton, the choice is yours, as long as it provides that perfect balance of tactile enjoyment and visual appeal to your bedroom.



Focus on fabrics and texture

The entire setting of your bedroom may come down to texture. Every single piece of fabric you use to decorate your bedroom can emanate a certain mood, especially when combined with the right colors. You can, for instance, turn your bed into an enchanted haven with the use of canopy panels. Delicate, sheer fabrics that give your bed ample comfort without reducing its spacious feel are a perfect choice.

Your bedroom curtains are another element where color and texture can provide another layer of opulence to your design. If you like keeping your design season-inspired, then heavier curtains are a dreamy winter choice, while lighter options give your room that serene summer shimmer when the sun comes up. Similarly, layered cotton bedding makes for a calming winter mood, while satin covers offer a cooling effect for the summer sizzle.




Greenery for a serene feel

Comfort starts with quality sleep, which can be infinitely improved with a little help from Mother Nature. Plants have the ability to purify your bedroom air, remove toxins and pollutants, immerse your bedroom in that poised and peaceful look, and help you sleep better. As living entities, plants have that unique ability to truly bring any space to life, and transform it into a refuge.

Some of the most common plants you can use in your bedroom décor include the graceful Peace Lily, which is fairly low-maintenance when it comes to light, the sassy Dracaena with its playful charm, and the healing Aloe Vera which can also help protect your skin’s radiance. If your room is bathed in natural light, place a range of different plant pots in your bedroom for the best effect, and of course, nourish them so that they can nourish your air as well as your mood.

A little can indeed go a long way when it comes to transforming an ordinary bedroom into a fountain of tranquility and comfort. Make use of these tips, and your bedroom will steal the spotlight as the coziest, most comfortable room of your home.




About the author:

Tracey Clayton is a full-time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home décor and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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