Complete steps for a proper MEN’s Grooming II

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HAIRSTYLE: Hair to a man’s face is like shoes to a tailored costume. It’s important to take care of your hair, firstly by keeping it healthy. As much as the professional hair products do to your hair, what you eat matters. And not only to your hair, but to your overall well being and health. When you crave something, think about if in reality that is food or just an illusion, what you eat should nurture your cells and not only stop your hunger. You will brush a short hair from it’s roots, and a longer hair from the top of the hairs. If you have the habit of wetting the hair each day to help yourself styling it, know that it doesn’t do well for it, and your method can easily be replaced by using a fillet. If you face a premature graying problem you should not hold back from considering coloring it, and the best option is to choose the most natural color for your hair, as you were made in perfect harmony, so keeping that harmony is the best for a man ( a woman’s caprice, in her chasing for beauty, by passing from a hair color to another, is acceptable, though she should do that while making sure she can sustain her hairstyle in perfect condition all the time, being an energy and time consuming process, as it would be for a man, having a neglectful look is not an option ). You may read our interview with Hollywood’s most sought after colorist, Michael Canalé, here, but if you are in a rush, I’ve extracted for you his point of view:

“Doina: What would you recommend in terms of color to a man who is having grey hair but he has not decided which way to go? Is a natural color hard to achieve and maintain in a man’s life?

Michael: The best way to work with a man that’s graying is to work with a semi-permanent color that does not alter the natural base color. It’s always good to ease out the gray hair, but I also work to retain some of the gray so that the regrowth is subtle – and that people aren’t shocked when they haven’t seen him in awhile!”

© Interview for Trend Privé Magazine, 23rd of February 2019

My thoughts go now to the ones that face hair loss problems. The hairs live and dye, being replaced with others, that grow from the same permanent roots. A normal hair grows between 4 and 8 inches per year. The number of hairs reaches up to 100.000 to the dark haired, being usually thicker, and up to 150.000 to blonds, their hairs presenting a thinner characteristic. 40-50 hairs loss per day is considered a normal loss, as normally a hair lives between 2 and 6 years, after that the pilo – sebaceous follicle creates a new one. Sometimes, the hair loss comes from a cause a man cannot prevent, e.g. parasitic or infectious diseases, as some endocrine problems, psychological shock, but the most frequent cause of hair loss is seborrhea. If a face affected by seborrhea can easily lead to the appearance of acne, on the surface of the skin covered by hair easily leads to hair loss. There are natural treatments you should try in the fight with hair loss if seborrhea is giving you trouble. Cosmetic treatments are available, and in worse case scenario doctors can do a hair transplant.

TEETH: I would start with a quote of Cicero, who said “A beautiful speech never come out of a mouth with bad teeth” – sounds a little cheesy, but a groomed smile gives a man confidence. The fashion nowadays is to wear dental facets, (look at all those bright, perfect smiles over social media) but in real life, paradoxically, that dramatic aesthetic intervention gives to most people an aged look. If you can solve your teeth problems as close to the natural, then you will thank yourself later. Besides, a unique smile always adds to your personal charm. There are methods to bright them up and diminish the causes of yellowing, so just being a regular on your dentist chair, (and keep up a vigorous teeth routine) will work brilliantly.


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