A Conversation With: Konstantina Alveratsidou about COCOANDSILK

CocoAndSilk was established in late 2015. The main idea was to create beautiful clothing, using the best quality materials while paying great attention to the final result. All pieces are designed and manufactured in Athens, Greece, by small independent production units made up mainly of women.

”Thus, we are able to create strong bonds with our partners, keep track in every single garment sewn while at the same time keeping our creations in limited numbers.”

Our aim is to produce top quality and high aesthetic clothing, bringing the joy of luxury to every day dressing.

Konstantina Alveratsidou, with her basic studies in architecture and house design, jumped into fashion, a great love of hers ever since she can remember herself.



A Conversation With: Konstantina Alveratsidou about COCOANDSILK

Why did you decide to go into the field of fashion design?

I guess every designer ever has had pretty much the same answer! It has always been a passion of mine and finally I came to a point in my life in which I decided I should shoot my shot. 

What interests do you have regarding ethical issues in fashion industry?

It is very interesting to see how in a short time period, finally attention has been given to the responsibility fashion brands have to the environment and other humans. From the moment CocoandSilk began, sustainability was a big aspect of the brand, because of all the issues I’ve seen and experienced, beforehand in the industry as a viewer and consumer. From toxic chemicals in the fabrics of clothes I myself bought, to the huge disasters and tragedies in factories, I was driven for CocoandSilk to be an ethical and sustainable brand.




What or who has influenced your work as a socially and environmentally responsible brand?

From the big names, definitely Vivienne Westwood who has been trying to shift the whole concept of quantity over quality. Choosing a few, excellent quality pieces you love, rather than many with nor sentimental or economic value. Also, after the factory collapsed in Bangladesh it was a wake up call for many, and I feel those people, and the many more that have lost their lives because of fashion, deserve for a revolution in the fashion industry. We owe it to them. My daughter was very interested in the issue of sustainable fashion too and she sort of hooked me into it too. I asked her why she was going to all of those thrift shops instead of fast fashion brands and she said “Mom, there’s just too much clothing.” 

Where do you source your fabrics and dyes?

We collaborate with specific fabric factories that are ethical and only produce sustainable and recyclable fabrics and dyes. Those are from Europe and we have one excellent collaboration for silk in Japan.

What should a customer expect when buying your clothes?

We want every woman to feel comfortable, strong and stylish when wearing CocoandSilk. We believe in the best possible shopping experience overall, not just the finished product, so we want the consumer to love the garment as much as we do and be as helpful as possible. That shows in the little details in each garment of clothing which upgrade the quality, the packaging and the relationships we like to form with our clients. Being a fairly small brand, we have the opportunity to be here to help with styling or answer questions they may have.




Tell me about a recent challenge you faced while working on a sustainability project. How did you overcome it?

Verifying sources and finding stores in which we believe have similar mindsets and concepts. We are very selective with the partners we choose to work and collaborate with and make sure there is good communication.




Tell me about a project that didn’t work out. What did you learn?

I wanted to create a fashion spot in Athens with young designers that would also hold events and communicate their work with the people. Because of the unforgiving financial environment in Greece, this eventually didn’t work out. Good thing is through it the company expanded in the Greek market and gained its own identity. It was also a big lesson for me because I realized that fashion isn’t just ideas. It’s important business decisions and finance as well.

What is your long-term goal and what actions you will do to achieve it?

For our company, the long term objective is to expand all over the world to provide people with fashion they love and feel beautiful in. To grow, there are specific steps that need to be taken, however we also believe it will happen organically since one thing leads to the other. Having selling points in clothing stores in Europe is in our plans.








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