Complete steps for a proper MEN’s Grooming I

Since ancient times, the civilized peoples had a cult for beauty and body care that occupied a leading place on the scale of their preoccupations, and still does nowadays.

A charming man has a great heart, generosity, doesn’t rush into things without a good understanding of the various situations he might face, respects his own rules, (yes, he has rules of his own), is responsible and knows how to take care of others and of himself, and to include a personal fave: he is incorruptible, too. Naturally, only a smart man can fill the shoes with the previous features. The inside features, are what makes a man great, but what a pity would be for such a great man not to take care of the wonderful body he was gifted with. “Good” and “beautiful” were the most desirable features in Ancient Greece, for what people aspired the most. Egyptians were renowned for using a large palette of perfumed oils and moisturizes, and for following strict hygiene rituals. There are treaties of aesthetic dermatology of Latin origin, that tells us about how important the care for skin and hair was for the Romans, both women and men.


There are men considering they are groomed enough by just brushing their hair and shaving their beard and mustache; in the following rows I will point out what the complete set of grooming includes in a man’s life, today, since ever:

THE FACE AND IT’S CARE: There is no rational way to use cosmetic products without knowing your skin type. In order to choose the right lotion, a moisturizer, shaving cream, or to apply a facial mask, you need to know what are the features that your skin has. Otherwise, in an unwanted scenario of using a beauty product built for another skin type, might cause devastating results on your own. The best way to find out your skin type is at a beauty salon, where special instruments shall be used in order to find the answer.

A highly qualified specialist might identify it even with his bare eyes. There is a method of determining it yourself at home, method of which I will tell you about in a future post.

The usual problems that need to be solved are: comedones (blackheads), folliculitis (pimples), rosacea, wrinkles. The last ones, despite the popular thinking, they have nothing to do with your age determined by the year you were born, but with your biological age. Also, the most influential factors that causes you wrinkles are: the weather (heat, coldness, wind, humidity), irrational sun exposure, reading under either poor light or too bright, lack of dentition, excessive drinking of alcohol, coffee or smoking.

For a youthful look you shouldn’t ignore the benefits of face massages.


MAINTAINING YOUR PHYSIC AT OPTIMAL LEVEL: Physical strength has always been a matter of a man’s pride. It perfectly complements life alongside the grace and gentleness of the woman. You shouldn’t ignore a minimum of gymnastic or weight lifting. Having long walks in your schedule will definitely benefit your health and will give you a groomed vibe overall. No one healthy should be that busy not taking aside some minutes to treat his body right. In order to stay healthy and strong you have to consider your weight, as well. There is no proper education just with physical features, as it isn’t a proper education with just intellectual features. They have to go hand in hand, as we inherited the wise saying “Mens sana in corpore sano” that is “Healthy mind in a healthy body”.

Something less popular these days that adds golden points to your appearance: body hardening. Thru the action of cold water, nervous functional balance is strengthened, improves the blood circulation and nutritional changes in tissues, activates and increases the overall body resistance, but it has to be done in a rational way. Wherever the procedure is done, the baths cannot take longer than 15 – 20 minutes, having the possibility of repeating them in the same day with several hours in between. The cold baths are indicated to a healthy man, otherwise only when the doctor recommends it. 

And least but not last: the massage. An excellent way to groom your body. It combats the effects of the desk bounded, using massage will upgrade your physical appearance and improve your life.

HANDS: Beside the fact that to me, the hands say a lot about a person, seeing the connection between one’s hands and their character, for a man to have groomed hands is imperative. A groomed hand is a beautiful hand, no matter the shape. Every man needs a nail file, with the help of which you can obtain a nice oval nail form. I could express other care tips, but if you don’t forget to apply a hand cream, your hands will be decently groomed.

FEET: In order to maintain the beauty and the vigor of your body don’t neglect to take care of your feet. Hopefully, it’s a banality for you, reading me saying, you have to use a  pumice. For the bathets, oh bathets, you have the pedicure technique – that is the cutting of the bathets and scratching the thickened layer of skin, with special tools, that only in a pedicure salon you may have the procedure safely done. You will also enjoy a calf and lower leg massage to complement the treatment, and if you will not be able to enjoy the salon services, you can DIY, if you don’t know how you may be choosing an online tutorial, should be fun and insightful. The main purpose for the massage is activating the blood circulation  and maintaining the joints flexibility.

End of Part I. To be continued…

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