Planning a Vacation in the South of France

What isn’t to love about the South of France? The cuisine and the culture are excellent meaning there is plenty to see and do, and the people and the language are beautiful, making it the perfect choice for your next vacation destination. Planning this getaway, however, can be a tricky feat, so how do you plan the perfect trip?


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Where to go

There are many main cities in the South of France which are full of traditions and history such as Avignon, Marseille, and Lyon, whereas Monaco and Nice also have the history, but they are more of a people watchers dream as these places are termed the ‘playground for the rich and famous.’


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How to get there

There are many airports in the South of France served by bigger airlines such as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. There are also low-cost airlines, or budget airlines as they’re known, such as Ryanair and Easyjet that go into the surrounding areas of the main cities.

Alternative transport instead of flying is easy to find as there are many options if flying isn’t for you. The bus network across the bigger towns and cities are good in France, and even if you want to venture further afield to surrounding towns and villages, the bus links are reliable too.

The train lines in France are exceptional as they have the regular trains where you can travel all over the country on or the TGV which is short for ‘Train à Grande Vitesse’ which translates as ‘high-speed train.’ The TGV is France’s intercity train which runs on electricity and can travel up to 186 miles an hour meaning if you’re short on time to explore, then the TGV is for you.

If you prefer the freedom to pick and choose what you want to do, when you want to do it and not have to rely on timetables and schedules, then car rental is another option. Renting a car gives you freedom and choice when you’re traveling and for many places, using a car is the only way to travel about.

One of the highlights of leaving the airport and finding your international car rental station is discovering which vehicle is going to be yours. Who doesn’t like new cars and the fact you’re on vacation and getting to drive a car that is new to you just adds to the excitement of the trip.


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The Whole Package

In the main cities and larger towns of the South of France, you’ll find that most French people can either speak basic American English or will accommodate you if you try to speak French to them. However, in the smaller towns and villages where many places of interest are and beautiful sights can be found, generally French is the only language the locals speak. Therefore, it’s advisable to either learn a few basic phrases from the internet or a library before you take your trip or take a phrase book with you so you don’t find the language a real barrier.

Make sure you have the correct currency too as although France used to run on the French Franc, they now have the Euro like most of the other countries in the European Union.

France is a truly stunning country, and there is so much to experience. Once you have tasted the delights of the South of France, you will be planning your next vacation to see the rest of the country which is equally as beautiful!




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